Our Mission

Carbon Trace Productions is a multimedia documentary project run by students and faculty at Missouri State University. CTP adheres to journalistic standards in research and reporting in its quest to inform its audience about the contextual complexities of the stories it tells, including: cultural explorations, humanitarian efforts, urbanism, and sustainability.

Current Projects:


Souriyat is a documentary short about a rehabilitation facility in Amman, Jordan serving Syrian men and boys hurt in the war. It is now in post-production and will be released this fall. Please follow our progress on Facebook.

Syrian Doctor (working title)

This documentary film explores the ravages of “human devastation syndrome” among Syrian refugee children. It follows the work of two doctors providing care to refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece: Dr. Tarif Bakdash and Dr. Khalid Hamza. It is in production now. We have no firm release date set.

Student Debt (working title)

This film explores the Student Debt crisis — America’s next economic bubble. This film is in production and will likely be released by the fall of 2018.