Our Projects

  • Shared Spaces | Screened at the 2015 New Urbanism Film Festival
  • Downtown: A New American Dream | Screened at the 2016 New Urbanism Film Festival
  • Souriyat | Screen at the 2018 Atlanta Docfest
  • Joonyper | Premiered 3 December 2017 at The Moxie.
  • Home Schooling in Middle America | Premiered in May 2018 at The Moxie
  • Every Child | Screened at the Unity in Community Film Festival, Public Affairs Conference, at Missouri State University
  • Zero | Screened at The Moxie in May 2019
  • Witness at Tornillo | In post-production
  • A Vietnam Peace Story | In post-production
  • Syrian Doctor (working title) | In production
  • Student Debt Crisis podcast (working title) | In production

Links to Film Websites

Witness At Tornillo



Downtown: A New American Dream, Best Urban Sociology Film at the New Urbanism Film Festival, Los Angeles


Joonyper, Best Documentary/Reality Short, Ozark Mountain Webfest, Branson, Missouri