We’re On Our Own, Part 2

Last year I wrote about the role riding a bicycle can play in helping us stay healthy. I don’t ride for sport, so I usually don’t work up much of a sweat. But even pedaling at modest speeds is excellent exercise that pays big health dividends. Given the state of our health care system and its outrageous costs compared to other industrialized countries, we’re really on our own. You want a healthy old age? Start taking care of yourself now.

With the news that the government has failed to produce an energy/climate bill, it appears we the people are on our own once again. If we are to break our addiction to oil and mitigate the damage we are doing to our environment, then as individuals and families we are going to have to make the kinds of choices that may help us prosper as oil runs out and the earth’s climate changes.

Once again, the bicycle is a wondrous invention that can help.

(Actually, the whole “on our own” thing doesn’t really work. In a democratic republic such as ours, the government is us. We don’t have a climate/energy bill in large part because we failed to demand it.)

It is clear to me, even without hard data, that more people in Springfield are riding bicycles for all kinds of reasons. My hope is that new riders come to learn these things quickly:

  1. Springfield’s urban core is a great place to ride a bicycle.
  2. Riding a bicycle is safe, fun, convenient, healthy, and economical .
  3. Using a bicycle as basic transportation here is very easy if one is not stuck in some hell-and-gone, car-centric, sprawling suburb.

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Comments 2

  1. Steve A wrote:

    Since the government failed to produce a climate bill hardly anyone called for, that would seem to call for a celebration that perhaps there is hope for our democracy yet! As Andy notes. Besides, I’ve had little luck trying to sell carbon offsets to the liberal motorists at work.

    Posted 25 Jul 2010 at 11:40 am
  2. Robert wrote:

    The very fact that MOST people are purposely trying to destroy thier health through a poor diet and lack of activity is why I dont feel like paying thier bill for them. Its the same way i dont feel like making peoples car payments or gas bills either. They make choices and ought to pay for them. If only more people thought they were on thier own.

    Posted 25 Jul 2010 at 8:23 pm

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