ONE Conference at MSU

The Ozarks New Energy Conference continues today at Plaster Student Union at Missouri State University.

I was a speaker on a panel yesterday about living car-lite in Springfield. The panel included Terry Whaley, executive director of Ozark Greenways; Mike MacPherson, principal planner with the City of Springfield; and Rick Scarlet, member of the STAR Team of Ozark Greenways.

Click here for a story and podcast from KSMU.

Main points I made:

  1. Riding a bicycle in Springfield’s urban core is a pleasant experience as long as you follow the traffic laws and ride assertively.
  2. The best way to become a transportation bicyclist: Move within easy bicycling distance of your most frequent destinations.
  3. If you can move, you usually can employ the 1-mile Solution.

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  1. Coy wrote:

    Gees, got enthused about looking at the solar cars and 370+ mile per gallon cars on YESTERDAY’S TV News when they announced this event would run the balance of Thursday and all day Friday.

    Got there noonish on Friday, there were some booths, but all the displays and exciting stuff was gone???

    Posted 08 Oct 2010 at 2:59 pm