What’s Happening Now

Bicycling Our Way Into Work and Out of the Great Recession — The need to reach out to people who ride a bicycle to work out of necessity rather than desire. Can you say civil rights argument?

Debunking the Cul-de-Sac — Well, yeah.

Can Bikes Bring Back the Neighborhood Bookstore? — It seems to me that city officials and business owners need to first take notice of the number of bicyclists. In the urban core of Springfield I believe we are seeing a dramatic rise in ridership based on (this is my speculation) demographics (young people are not buying into the whole suburban, car-dependent lifestyle) and economic need (a lot of people riding bicycles who would be driving cars if they could afford it). Then there are all the college students who appear to me to be riding in increasing numbers. The bicycle corral, BTW, now attracts bicyclists through the day.

Lessons From Amsterdam — I’ll be going to Amsterdam next summer. I plan to ride and report my tookus off 🙂 There’s one thing that I think I know now: It’s damned difficult to transplant a culture.

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