Behavior Given The System

As promised in the comments of this post, Steve, at DFW Point-to-Point, ruminates on role that street design plays in “bad” behavior on the streets. Interesting and well worth your time. A taste:

The roads really ARE optimized to accommodate a uniquely dangerous major use – four-wheeled motor vehicle operation. Because these motorists mostly kill and delay each other, and have lots of votes, other users are rarely considered seriously, and are almost never considered as part of “real traffic.” In effect, others are marginalized by design. The “Lost Post” showed that to be true – even though it EXCLUDED any safety elements whatsoever. People on bikes or walking are at a disadvantage. If you doubt it, go push just about any crosswalk signal button. While you wait, wonder why the signal is at the corner instead of midblock. Now imagine that motorists are making free right turns, and there are mud puddles, and it’s windy. Feeling vaguely disadvantaged, many bike riders and pedestrians try to compensate in some way. It isn’t just motorists that don’t want to wait.

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  1. Steve A wrote:

    Clearly, Keri is feeling a bit disadvantaged today over at CommuteOrlando. And rightly so. My post, however was like “colored water fountains” while hers was more of a KKK cross burning. One must be cautious about any such analogies, if only because even bigotry can be stereotyped.

    Posted 24 May 2012 at 4:32 pm