I Am Traffic: Hard Work

The work that goes into starting a new national organization is much like sausage making 🙂 We’re making sausage here in Orlando today was we hammer out the structure and governance for I Am Traffic.

This morning we’re working on vision and mission statements and core values. This afternoon, we’ll decide how to govern I Am Traffic and who will do the governing.

Stay tuned…

Update: The members of the foundation board are (those who will create the governing structure for I Am Traffic):

Dan Gutierrez

Lisa Walker

Waco Moore

Jenn Bowers

Mighk Wilson

I think we’re in good hands. All of these people has years of experience in bicycle education and organizational management.

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  1. Tom Armstrong wrote:

    Jenn is a bit stunned to be there. She considers herself a quiet person, rather than a gregarious sort like her hubby (me). Still, she has the chops to be there, among the luminaries of the group.

    As for the rest of the Formation Board, well, as I said, they are luminaries. Aside from that, they have the experience and wisdom needed at this point in the organization’s history. I’m proud to have voted as I did.

    And, of course, it was good to meet you in person there, Andy!

    Posted 26 Feb 2013 at 8:39 am