On Narrative and Reality

Long-time Carbon Trace readers know that I occasionally enjoy mixing my academic passion for rhetoric with my transportation passion for bicycling. This is not a stretch because, as with most academic disciplines, the whole point is to understand the world — all of it — in terms of a particular subject, e.g. politics, history, or literature.

It does not require an advanced degree in any particular discipline to do this intellectual work (although I do not mean to suggest it is easy). The fact of the matter is: Much of higher education is exactly the project of teaching young adults to think exactly this way.

Keri Caffrey, writing for I Am Traffic, has posted the first in a series entitled The Stories We Tell, in which she examines the power of narrative to influence our experience of traffic as bicyclists. It’s one hell of a great rhetorical analysis.

I wish I had written it.

So go read the whole thing now.

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