Silly Season Here Again

I’ve used the term “silly season” many times on Carbon Trace to indicate short periods of time in which the likelihood of motorists and other other traffic users to make mistakes seems highest to me. I have no data to back up that, in fact, any silly season is any more problematic than any other given period. I’m merely pointing out situations that seem to me, by some “logical” calculus, to present … let’s call them challenges.

The beginning of a new school year is a silly season. I make this claim because I find it highly likely that there will be many traffic users in the system new to Springfield. Some of those will be motorists who are under new forms of stress, e.g. college students hunting parking spaces. Others will be college students on bicycles riding about as if they were kids on a cul de sac. And still others will be walking about wherever their feet may take them looking at, paying attention to, goodness only knows what.

So… 63 degrees this morning. A clear, bright morning. A sleepy downtown. An easy destination. I often choose not to wear a helmet in such situations.

Helmet on today.

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  1. Khal Spencer wrote:

    First week of school was always Silly Season in Honolulu, too. Couple that sudden influx of college students and parents dropping off their kids with normally dense traffic and as I am sure, ten times more distracting devices than were present when I was on the UH faculty a decade ago, and I imagine its even sillier.

    I heard that the City and County of Honolulu was going to cave in to pressure and put a downhill, westbound bike lane no Waialae Avenue, which feeds cyclists into the city and to the university. Given the number of side streets and curbcuts on Waialae Ave and the high speeds a cyclist can build up rolling down that fast downgrade from Kaimuki towards St. Louis Heights (the road that feeds traffic to UH Manoa), I wonder how long before the spatulas come out to scrape some poor sot off of Mr. Pavement.

    Posted 19 Aug 2013 at 2:01 pm