Participation Is Easy(er)

Nope. Not talking bicycle mode share here.

Remember, today is the Carbon Trace re-launch. As I wrote earlier, the topics of this blog will now fit the broader context of urban life — especially in small to mid-sized cities.

Today, I’m talking the SATO48 Film Challenge.

I entered the contest — one of 110 teams this year — and actually managed to finish a film. Handed it in on time, too. The Moxie will be showing all the films April 25th to the 27th. Here’s a shameless self-promotion I cooked up:


The headline indicates something that I had no idea about before moving into a loft downtown almost a year ago: I used to find participating in civic sorts of things a bit of a chore. You work all day. Get home. Start relaxing, but only if you don’t have house chores (stop snickering). Cut the grass. Fix a window. Who wants to do anything after that.

Our move downtown has been the best move of our lives — for many more reasons than I had a first supposed. Carbon Trace will be about some of those reasons because I think Americans will need to begin moving into such living arrangements in greater numbers in the years ahead. That trend has already begun. I intend to follow it here.

One reason I will highlight today as the new direction of Carbon Trace begins: participation. When I’m not worn out with the job of living in a suburb, I find myself wanting to be out of Vandelay and in the streets doing something. I am energized by my new living arrangement.

I hope to capture the buzz of urban life on Carbon Trace. Bicycles will continue to play a role because mine will continue to get me where I want to go.

Oh, Vandelay is the name we gave our loft 😉

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Comments 3

  1. Khal Spencer wrote:

    Welcome back to Blogville, Andy.

    Posted 16 Apr 2014 at 1:32 pm
  2. Michael wrote:

    Glad to see you back at it!

    Posted 16 Apr 2014 at 7:04 pm
  3. Andy Cline wrote:

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to providing expanded and more-deeply-contextualized coverage of … stuff 🙂

    Posted 17 Apr 2014 at 6:52 am