There is a new sign on the parking garage near the Heer’s Building:

Are there many electric vehicles in Springfield? Do there need to be in order to start offering services such as this? Will this encourage anyone to buy an electric vehicle?

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  1. fred_dot_u wrote:

    I’ve been a member of the Chargepoint network for some time. It’s been useful for those rare trips where a round trip can’t be completed without an intermediate charge location. The typical (current) EV owner is capable of planning trips in order to avoid these stations, especially the pay-to-charge variety, or to plan trips for the best use of them. Locally, there are two EVSE locations for public access and two others on auto dealer lots. Because I have an EVSE in my garage, I don’t need any of them, but when the trip takes me beyond my range, I use the Chargepoint network (and other resources) to find public EVSE locations.

    The more common EV you’ll see is the Nissan Leaf. Less common is a Tesla, which I have yet to see “in the wild”. Chevy is selling the half-an-EV Volt, which is a hybrid, not a true electric. The other manufacturers are only now beginning to build market share. BMW has a vehicle that is likely to be a factor.

    Unfortunately some of the better designs are aimed at the compliance market, that is, vehicles manufactured to qualify for zero-emission vehicle regulations. Often enough, those models are available for lease only and the owners will not be permitted to purchase them after the lease ends.

    Some models are being sold only in specific states and only in limited quantities, despite the popularity and demand.

    If you get any chance to test drive any model EV, jump at it. Almost as fun as riding a bicycle.

    Posted 20 May 2014 at 3:31 pm