Ahead of the Influx

Sky Eleven, the Sterling, and Heer’s will all be finished soon. While Sky Eleven and Sterling will cater primarily (although not exclusively) to students, Heer’s is expected to attract adults. In any case, these three projects will dramatically increase the population living within two blocks of Park Central Square rather soon.

The question now is, what will be left of downtown when people move in? Here’s a quick survey of businesses that have recently left downtown or gone out of business.

Empty 1

Much of Wilhoit Plaza is empty now, including recently-closed Blue Sesame (below) and a cake bakery (above). We’re all still wondering what’s up with BYOP.
Empty 2

Empty 5

The Minuteman Press at Walnut and Jefferson.

Empty 6

The Squeeze Play sports bar on Walnut. This was no loss — except that the space is now empty.

Empty 7

The Moda hair salon left downtown.

Empty 9

This coffee shop — gone. I think is was called Got Coffee, but it was not in business long enough to make an impression. Really, people, you can’t do better than the Mudhouse or Coffee Ethic, so think of something else.

Empty 10

Wow. Trolley’s on the Square is gone. This hurts.

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