The AARP Livability Score

ScreenHunter_01 May. 19 14.39So I plugged my address into the AARP Livability Index and discovered that downtown Springfield is rather mediocre. Hmmmm… I’m not at all sure I’d score this place as low as 60, but then I’m invested in living here and make it work. I’m even enjoying it 🙂

One index in particular drags down a couple of the scores: The AARP Index is apparently unaware that Springfield has a bus system. So there were a couple of anomalies, e.g. listed as having no employment reachable by public transit. Waaaaa? I happen to know that the bus goes to three different Walmarts — a big employer of retired people, I hear tell.

Springfield ranks well above average for housing, transportation, and engagement. We get low marks for environment, health, and opportunity.

Opportunity is a particular problem here. Our poverty rate is twice the national average, but, oddly, this statistic isn’t part of the index.



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  1. Steve A wrote:

    Don’t feel bad. We scored 46 in Ocean Shores (98569 zip) even though we have door-to-door dial a ride available and an express bus to Aberdeen. Like many of these ratings, the AARP one is pretty worthless. I’d criticize Ocean Shores for many things, but none of them are things the AARP scored us low on.

    Posted 20 May 2015 at 10:00 am
  2. Andy Cline wrote:

    Yep. I thought some of the stuff was just plain mistaken. Makes the tool rather worthless. But it’s new. Maybe they’ll refine it as people point out the errors.

    Posted 20 May 2015 at 12:59 pm