Dollars = Votes

You’ve heard this argument before about dollars equaling votes, i.e. spending your money on a thing is a vote for that thing. And not only a vote for the thing (broadly understood), but also a vote for the business or service selling the thing and the company, country, and system manufacturing or otherwise providing the thing.

So, after moving downtown three years ago, I promised myself to pay particular attention to how/where I spend my dollars. I adhere to this general rule: If the thing can be had in the urban core of Springfield — a reasonable walk or bicycle ride from my downtown loft — then I will buy it here, even if it costs more.

I’ve defined the urban core, for my purposes, as bounded on the north by Kearney, on the south by Sunshine, on the west by Kansas Expressway, and on the east by Glenstone.

If it can’t be had in that area, I buy it online.

I’m not getting in a car to buy shit. Those days are over.

You want my money? Put your business in the urban core. Otherwise, my dollars go elsewhere.

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