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Downtown: A New American Dream

The documentary is done(ish)! DOWNTOWN: A New American Dream premieres this Saturday at 1:00 at The Moxie. This is the final rough cut of the film. We have a few minor things to fix before we begin submitting it to film festivals. Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri, urban design, urban life, Urban Planning, walking

Carbon Trace Update

Our documentary short Shared Spaces will screen for the first time this Wednesday evening at 7:00 at The Moxie. And it is one of 47 films chosen to screen at the New Urbanism Film Festival next month in Los Angeles. The Carbon Trace Productions team is busy editing the Downtown documentary. Our plan is to […]

Great Things Coming in 2015

My sabbatical application was approved, so that means by mid-May 2015 I’ll be working on the Downtown documentary full-time until January 2016. Deadline for a finished, 90-minute feature: 31 December. I’ll be in Naples, Florida for a couple of weeks starting on 28 December. I’m planning to do some filming there. Thanks to everyone who […]

Tax-Deductibility Has Arrived!

I’ll bet you need to make just one more tax-deductible donation to round out your 2014 tax situation. Well, I have just the thing. Click here to make a donation to my student-led documentary film project called “Downtown.” In case you missed it, you’ll find details here. In other Carbon Trace news: I have changed […]

Carbon Trace Update

The production of Downtown is now in full swing, and I am, for all practical purposes, working on this project full time until completion. I’m applying for a sabbatical for the fall 2015 semester to make finishing this project a bit easier. Consequently, I’ll be blogging less on Carbon Trace and almost not at all […]

Our Indiegogo Campaign Is Live!

Check out our Indiegogo campaign for Downtown. Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri

Our Teaser and Site are Live!

Carbon Trace Productions took a big step forward today. Our teaser and website are now live! Our Indiegogo campaign goes live tomorrow. Technorati Tags: downtown

Carbon Trace Takes Next Step Forward

I announced a film project with the working title Urban Boom last May. I’m happy to report that my crew and I have made steady progress during the pre-production phase of the project, and we are now ready to begin shooting some interviews locally this month. We also have an emerging new production company called Carbon Trace […]

Urban Boom: A Documentary Film

From: Carbon Trace Productions and The Rhetorica Network The Baby Boomers were children of the post-war suburbs and raised their own children in the sprawling communities at the edges of American cities. Owning an individual home outside of a city has long been an essential part of the American Dream. That dream is changing. The […]

Carbon Trace Re-Launch Begins 15 April

Several things have been keeping me busy this winter. I’m right in the middle of doing an academic case study examining a successful civic journalism project. I have also been re-working all of my classes — something that is regularly necessary, especially as I notice generational changes in students. Further, I have been busy re-thinking […]

Taking A Break, See You in the Spring

Rhetorica and Carbon Trace will be on an extended blogging hiatus until sometime in the spring. This is mostly a career-related break. I have several projects and matters to attend to that are going to require my full attention. Now, when I say full attention, that doesn’t mean I’m going dark. I’ll still be commenting […]

Carbon Trace Update

I was very busy the second half of the semester at MSU, and it’s easy to see the result on Carbon Trace: not much published recently. Luckily, the semester is now over, and I’m on my way to Florida 🙂 That means, among other things, that I’ll have time to write about some issues that […]

Vacation Mode

I’ll be away, and mostly out of touch, until school starts on 19 August. Among the things I’ll be doing: 1. Hiking the Great Glen Way. 2. “Climbing” Ben Nevis. 3. Sampling Scotch. Before I go, here’s something you ought to read by Kirby Beck: Bicycle Law Enforcement. Beck, among other things, is a founding […]

Wait. What? Normal People On Bicycles?

OK, take a look at this picture: That’s Cody, Ginger, and their son. I just got an e-mail from Cody telling me he and his family have moved to Springfield. They have a bicycle blog called Cycle Like a Stringer. Good stuff! Check it out. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle culture, cycling, Springfield Missouri

Mark Your Calendar For Bicycles & Brews

Bicycles & Brews and the Bicycle Film Festival will celebrate one of mankind’s greatest inventions in May. OK, make that three of mankind’s greatest inventions 🙂 So mark your calendar for 11 May! Technorati Tags: bicycle culture, Bicycle Film Festival, Bicycles & Brews, cycling