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Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run

A 23-year-old bicyclist was killed by a hit-and-run driver Sunday near the MSU campus. Here’s a report from KSMU, including an interview with me. Here a Google Earth look at the intersection (click for larger image). That’s a look from roughly the perspective of the west-bound bicyclist looking toward south-bound traffic. The sight lines are […]

Where The Danger Is

So you’re riding along in bicycle lane thinking you’re safe because, well, isn’t that what we’re led to believe? Isn’t that why bicycle lanes are painted in the first place? They are not painted to solve any traffic problem that exists, i.e. help the orderly and safe flow of traffic according the well-establish rules of […]

Door-Zone Crash on Boonville

A bicyclist riding in the bicycle lane on Boonville — a door-zone lane — was hit by a car door last night and seriously injured. My source is a member of the STAR Team. The bicyclist is a friend of his. I have no further details. I’m looking into it. UPDATE: The bicyclist did not strike the […]

Bicyclist Dies Running Red Light

Here’s the latest from KSPR: Police say the semi truck was stopped at a red light on Glenstone. The light turned green and the driver hit the gas. A bicyclist heading east on Cherry rode in front of the truck. The truck didn’t have time to stop, and the biker was killed. Police confirm that […]

What Happened

From the news article: Investigators “are still trying to understand exactly what happened,” Ouimet said. I’ll tell you what happened. A bicyclist got hooked (not your standard right-hook as shown below) in a bicycle track because the infrastructure put him into conflict with turning traffic. He probably died thinking he was safe. Check out the street view […]