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Of Blog Posts That Begin with ‘Of’

OK, so I have been riding a bicycle as basic transportation (which means every day there is not ice or snow) in Springfield for nine years. And I swear the number of bicyclists just keeps growing. There is almost never a moment these days, while riding in the urban core, that I do not see […]

Filming First Friday

I’ll be downtown this evening candidly videoing bicyclists for my upcoming documentary film I’d Rather Ride In Springfield. So if you’re coming downtown by bicycle — and many people do — keep an eye out for me. To update you on my progress: I’ll be getting interviews this month as well as more bicycling video. […]

Headin’ To The Jamboree

I’ll be going to the Galloway Jamboree today. Ozark Greenways is a beneficiary of the event. I’ll be riding the Galloway Creek trail to get there plus a few suburban streets outside the urban core — a good chance for video for my documentary. Galloway Station, site of the Jamboree, is on the trail. So […]

That Pesky 4 Percent

In the classroom portion of CyclingSavvy we present a nifty interactive pie chart demonstrating that a bicyclist who knows how traffic works and follows the rules can mitigate 96 percent of the most common types of crashes. That leaves a 4-percent slice of the pie called “other.” I had a close encounter with “other” this […]

Square Renovations Ahead of Schedule

The following is an e-mail issued by Butler, Rosenbury & Partners today about the┬árenovations┬áto Park Central Square: Construction crews are finishing work on Park Central Square in downtown Springfield 20 days ahead of schedule. This is the culmination of a four-year effort to improve Springfield’s Public Square. History Originally┬ápositioned as the city center in 1838, […]

Destination: Downtown Farmers’ Market

The new downtown farmers’ market is a great bicycling destination — located at St. Louis and Jefferson. And the venture could really use your help. The weather has been awful hard on farmers this spring. So the amount of produce has been down. You can see that at the mall location, too. Supporting the downtown […]