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Hong Kong Part 2: Bicycling

Bicycling in Hong Kong? Not so much. (Qualification: I walked Honk Kong central/west and the area of Kowloon from Mong Kok south. So it’s possible I missed something.) Most of the few people I saw riding bicycles appeared to be delivering something. Parking? Forget it. So people lock to anything they can find. Lane control. […]

Happy New Year! Happy New Culture!

R E S P E C T If you have to get a song stuck in your head Respect is a good one 🙂 I’m also declaring “respect” the the Carbon Trace word of the year for 2014. As in: By so declaring, I am making a pledge to work for cultural change to achieve […]

Do Not Stop In The Blind Spot

Too many urban bicyclists die each year in entirely preventable right-hook crashes with trucks. How do you prevent it? Proper lane positioning. You should never position yourself to the right of right-turning traffic — even if a bicycle lane channels you into such a position (e.g. such as some lanes in Portland, Oregon do). Here’s […]

Flip-side of the Amsterdam Coin

The damned thing is done. Sort of. It’s not what I had originally intended. Last year, when I published a tongue-n-cheek trailer for this video, I was planning a documentary about bicycling in Springfield, Missouri with comparisons to Amsterdam (realizing, obviously, that such comparisons are difficult at best given the radically different contexts). The comparison […]

Midnight Train to Wilmington

There’s been so much happening since our move downtown that I’ve had very little time to post much here. Actually, what’s happening has more to do with settling into a new routine than it does being busy — although I am busy with some school-related tasks. I’m leaving today for Wilmington, Delaware to visit my […]

OMG! So Rude! (Not)

Not only is this video good for a chuckle, you might learn something about who or what actually holds up motorists: A Brief Adventure in Perspective from Keri Caffrey on Vimeo. Technorati Tags: bicycle video, cycling, traffic

Rude, Unethical, Etc. Revisited

Yikes! Be sure to pay close attention at 1:17 in this video. What you’ll see and what you’ll hear ought to blow your mind. It’s stunning. I suppose this could be a parody of clueless hipsters. I mean, how could anyone be so blind as to miss hypocrisy of this magnitude? For example, how can one edit […]

How To Drive Your Bicycle

Here’s how it works for bicycle drivers. You don’t need bicycle lanes to drive your bicycle safely in traffic. Check out these videos by CyclingSavvy. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle safety, bicycle video, cycling, traffic, traffic law

What Could Go Wrong?

  Also on YouTube. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle infrastructure, bicycle safety, bicycle video, cycling, traffic

Filming First Friday

I’ll be downtown this evening candidly videoing bicyclists for my upcoming documentary film I’d Rather Ride In Springfield. So if you’re coming downtown by bicycle — and many people do — keep an eye out for me. To update you on my progress: I’ll be getting interviews this month as well as more bicycling video. […]

New Lane Feature: Broken Glass!

So the City has painted a gutter lane on a perfectly good street thus, in my opinion, turning it into a no-so-good street. Why not-so-good? As the video shows — and every bicycle lane advocate knows — cars tend to sweep the streets. So gutter lanes fill up with all kinds of debris. The narrower […]

More New Bicycle Lanes

The following video shows a short section of new bicycle lane on S. Jefferson just north of Battlefield Rd. There are lanes on both sides and a bit farther to the south — exactly like the short segment you’ll see in the video. This segment of Jefferson is outside the urban core in the south-central […]

Motorist Passing Behavior

Sadly, Keri Caffrey edited out what I considered the best line in her wonderful video Bicycling In Traffic Is A Dance You Must Lead. It was something like “Your confidence makes them perform better.” I swear I would come close to tearing up at that point every time I watched the video. She told me […]

Check Out The New Trailer

OK, so the first one had a few problems 🙂 Here’s an edited version that fixes: 1. A sound issue. 2. A couple of bad cuts. 3. A copyright issue. 4. Cuts long riding sequence. 5. Adds interview segment that explains things. 6. General tightening. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle culture, bicycle education, bicycle infrastructure, […]

The Trailer For My Documentary

Here’s the trailer for my upcoming (October 2012) documentary film I’d Rather Ride In Springfield. I hope the trailer conveys both the mirth and seriousness I’m bringing to this project. While trailer scenes are always cherry-picked, the Springfield scenes represent my actual experience riding around the urban core this morning between 7:00 and 9:30 a.m. […]