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Ahead of the Influx

Sky Eleven, the Sterling, and Heer’s will all be finished soon. While Sky Eleven and Sterling will cater primarily (although not exclusively) to students, Heer’s is expected to attract adults. In any case, these three projects will dramatically increase the population living within two blocks of Park Central Square rather soon. The question now is, […]


It’s been a tough week for downtown business news in Springfield. Coyote’s Sports Bar / Mille’s Cafe is closing and Modern Society Apparel  is moving south.   Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri

Downtown Needs A Full-time Farmers’ Market

I spend my money downtown. If you want my money, then open your business downtown — or at least in Springfield’s urban core, an easy walk or bicycle ride from downtown. That’s not to say I do not spend money elsewhere. I do because I must in some cases. But I work hard to limit those […]

Our Urban Challenge: The Numbers Game

The Holy Grail of bicycle advocacy is numbers of kiesters in saddles on two wheels on the road. Some advocates are willing to do almost anything to increase participation — including putting novices in danger. There’s a “but”: It appears rather clear that the more people who ride bicycles in a given area the safer […]

Our Urban Challenge: Young Professionals

I was in Florida when the following news article was published in the Springfield News-Leader on 5 January: How Can We Attract Young Professionals? Here are the first few paragraphs: Expanding local trails, banning public smoking and confronting the city’s lack of diversity are ways for Springfield to attract and retain young professionals, according to a […]

Smart Phones and Bicycle Sharing

Interesting news out of New York: This Fall, New York City denizens will have the opportunity to test an experimental public bike share system. SoBi, the Social Bicycle System, presents an alternative to traditional public transportation and will allow riders the freedom to find and unlock nearby available communal bikes using an Andriod or iPhone application. I […]

Our Urban Challenge: First in a Series

“What is striking about biking is not that it solves any particular problem but, instead, that is it part of the solution to several.” —  J. Harry Wray We have several problems in Springfield. You can begin to survey our problems — or challenges — by reading Springfield’s Competitive Assessment. Another snapshot of our community […]

My Trip to The Hub

OK, so there I am pulling up to the Hub at 811 N. Boonville (across from the city government complex) this morning on my Redline R530 and I notice — no bicycle rack. Hmmmm… So I remember what my buddy Dave says about businesses that don’t provide racks: “I figure if they don’t provide a […]

Cultural Change

The New York Times today has a special section on cars today. The lead story asks the question: Is happiness still that new car smell? What I find fascinating about this article is that, despite the reported evidence, the tone and point of view are decidedly sympathetic to the car culture (well, duh, it is […]

More on (a / the) Tipping Point

I highlighted a few columns from the papers last Sunday that seemed to me to indicate a “tipping point.” That’s not the best term to use. It’s merely trendy and, perhaps, a bit optimistic. Today I want to comment on How High Gas Prices Can Save the Car Industry, by Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon. […]

Pedal to the Metal

Hoo-Yah! We Americans love our cars, baby! And we love to drive fast! Screw the freaking speed limits! This is the USA! USA! USA! You know what happens if you drive over the speed limit in Springfield, Missouri? — Gotta love real America! — The city will raise the speed limits to fit the speed […]

Who Belongs on the Road?

Everyone. Who feels welcome on the road? That depends. The answer should be: Everyone. But it often isn’t. Following from my thoughts yesterday about being yelled at for NOT using a bicycle lane, here’s an interesting look at who belongs on the road from Commute Orlando. Our problem in the U.S. is that we suffer […]

Report: Increase Spending on Active Transportation

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and Bikes Belong issued a comprehensive report yesterday arguing that the governments should spend more on transportation infrastructure for bicycling and walking. The report documents the benefits of bicycling and walking in creating a more efficient transportation system and a healthier environment. The report also outlines how modest investment in bicycling and […]

Dirt Rag Planning Street Bike Mag

The publishers of Dirt Rag Magazine are planning to introduce a new magazine this spring about riding the streets–from commuting to road biking to family biking. Bicycle Times will begin publishing in April of 2009 and publish quarterly during the first year. This is good news if commuting really gets some attention. I’ll remain skeptical […]

Closer to a Bicycle Commuting Tax Credit

The Bicycle Commuter Act bill was added as a line item to the Senate version of the Wall Street bailout bill. That bill passed the Senate yesterday 74-25. The House is expected to vote on the bill on Friday. Technorati Tags: bicycle commuting, cycling, green transportation