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Submit or Be Damned

Do as you’re told. Submit to authority. No matter what. Even if you have the facts on your side. Even if you have reason on your side. Even if you have experts on your side. Even if you have morality on your side. This is America today on our streets. Drive a car or stay […]

Carbon Trace Takes Next Step Forward

I announced a film project with the working title Urban Boom last May. I’m happy to report that my crew and I have made steady progress during the pre-production phase of the project, and we are now ready to begin shooting some interviews locally this month. We also have an emerging new production company called Carbon Trace […]

Urban Boom: A Documentary Film

From: Carbon Trace Productions and The Rhetorica Network The Baby Boomers were children of the post-war suburbs and raised their own children in the sprawling communities at the edges of American cities. Owning an individual home outside of a city has long been an essential part of the American Dream. That dream is changing. The […]

Solar Roadways Cannot Happen

Here’s the idea: These solar panels might find limited use in some specific types of projects. But roads? In anything but limited and isolated situations? Joel Anderson, writing for, offers a stinging take-down of this latest dumb and desperate idea to keep people driving automobiles. Technorati Tags: transportation, Transportation Planning


There is a new sign on the parking garage near the Heer’s Building: Are there many electric vehicles in Springfield? Do there need to be in order to start offering services such as this? Will this encourage anyone to buy an electric vehicle? Technorati Tags: electric cars

Positive (local) Economic Benefits

Check out this infographic from the recent American Planning Association conference (via Planetizen): So, basically, in general, the fewer cars people own the better it is for local economies. Technorati Tags: economics, Urban Planning

Carbon Trace Re-Launch Begins 15 April

Several things have been keeping me busy this winter. I’m right in the middle of doing an academic case study examining a successful civic journalism project. I have also been re-working all of my classes — something that is regularly necessary, especially as I notice generational changes in students. Further, I have been busy re-thinking […]

Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run

A 23-year-old bicyclist was killed by a hit-and-run driver Sunday near the MSU campus. Here’s a report from KSMU, including an interview with me. Here a Google Earth look at the intersection (click for larger image). That’s a look from roughly the perspective of the west-bound bicyclist looking toward south-bound traffic. The sight lines are […]

Bike To Everywhere Decade

Next week is Bike to Work Week in Springfield. Or, just another week. You see, I’m participating in, and about to complete, Bike to Everywhere Decade. I seriously do not mean to criticize Bike to Work Week or brag about what I do. It’s a good program. But I do have a minor gripe that’s […]

Mark Your Calendar For Bicycles & Brews

Bicycles & Brews and the Bicycle Film Festival will celebrate one of mankind’s greatest inventions in May. OK, make that three of mankind’s greatest inventions 🙂 So mark your calendar for 11 May! Technorati Tags: bicycle culture, Bicycle Film Festival, Bicycles & Brews, cycling

IMF Says Gasoline Too Cheap

Check out this report from NPR about the true costs of gasoline as reported by the International Monetary Fund. One problem: We are far too enamored of growth and short-term gain to ever take this seriously — that is until it’s too late. Then we will do the next thing we do best: Look for […]

Of Motorist Rage and the Free-Rider Bicyclist

The BBC published an interesting column yesterday about the psychology of motorist rage toward bicyclists. The upshot is that, apparently, motorists are upset most because bicyclists are free-riders in traffic: they do not pay for the system, and many do not follow the rules. Here’s the money quote: So now we can see why there is […]

Things May Get Worse

I believe it is entirely possible that as more people begin driving bicycles we’ll begin to see a backlash in some parts of the country. For example, we have a state representative planning to introduce a bill to ban bicycles from certain state highways in Missouri. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, cycling, traffic law

The Whole Perspective Thing

The New York Times published an amusing article about a “vast” shale oil field in California. I think these are the money quotes: Comprising two-thirds of the United States’s total estimated shale oil reserves and covering 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, the Monterey Shale could turn California into the nation’s top oil-producing […]

Everything Is Rhetoric

Academic disciplinarity is an odd but useful thing. One of the roles it plays is to understand the world in terms of a particular set of theories within a particular body of knowledge. So everything is politics. Everything is history. Everything is rhetoric — which it really is, because, yeah, that’s my discipline 🙂 Why […]