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Downtown: A New American Dream

The documentary is done(ish)! DOWNTOWN: A New American Dream premieres this Saturday at 1:00 at The Moxie. This is the final rough cut of the film. We have a few minor things to fix before we begin submitting it to film festivals. Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri, urban design, urban life, Urban Planning, walking

Hong Kong Part 1: Mixed-Use Urbanism

Here’s a picture I took in the Mong Kok neighborhood of Kowloon in Hong Kong. I’m standing on a second-story walkway that’s part of the Bird Market and Garden. Just across the street is the Mong Kok Soccer Stadium. You can see the Flower Market below. And above the Flower Market is apartments — several stories […]

Like The No-Driving Thing

Not that I was tipsy or anything, but it’s nice to be able to walk home from happy hour during weather events 🙂 Technorati Tags: downtown, Springfield Missouri, walking, weather

Downtown Naples in 23 Seconds

I found some good examples of walkability in downtown Naples, Florida as described by Jeff Speck in his book Walkable City. Here are 23 seconds: A Very Short Walk in Naples from acline on Vimeo. Technorati Tags: urban design, walking

Cool Moments

It seems like every time I take a walk around downtown (more than once per day), I run into something interesting. That’s part of the attraction of living in a dense, walkable urban environment. Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri, urban life

Bicycling is Such a Hassle

So I’ve been living in a loft in downtown Springfield for a year now. Best. Move. Ever. But there is something odd going on. I don’t use my bicycle quite as much as I used to. Sometimes it seems like a hassle. I mean going to the garage, unlocking it, riding it a couple of blocks, locking […]

Pedestrian Fatality Map

Check out the map of pedestrian fatalities at Smart Growth America. Here’s a screen shot drilled down to Springfield:   There’s nothing surprising here. Pedestrians tend to take the hits on arterials with high volumes of traffic and higher speeds. The city has been building and improving sidewalks all over town. That’s a good thing. […]

Video Just For Fun in Downtown SGF

Here’s a draft of a little thing I’m working on — entirely produced on the iPhone: The soundtrack is just something I found for free on YouTube. The final version of this will have something more noir 😉 Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri, urban life, walking

Going Down Hard

It’s tough to be a pedestrian. But three cities are getting grants to make walking safer. From the USA Today article: Every two hours, on average, a pedestrian is killed. One is injured every seven minutes. “This is not something that just happens in some other place,” David Friedman, acting administrator of the National Highway […]

This Fall: Walking Meetings

I’m a professor. I sit office hours — meaning I am required to have a schedule of hours in my office so students are guaranteed to find me. Here’s an idea: Walking meetings. Two reasons: 1. I may live longer. 2. Aristotle did it (for good pedagogical reasons). Hmmmmm… now, how to schedule such things and […]

Perhaps Helmets Would Help

It seems pedestrians — especially older people and racial minorities — get regularly plowed by motor vehicles. Pedestrian trips make of 10 percent of total U.S. mode share, yet pedestrians suffer 13 percent of traffic deaths. The reasons for all of this are complex and complicated. But one thing I’ve experienced in my daily crossings of National […]

Breaking: Walking Is Good For You

Walking is an “amazing treatment” that can fight a number of maladies — including heart disease and obesity — according to a news release by OK, so I’m being a bit cheeky. But the reason that Citiwire is playing up this obvious “news” is that there is a crisis in American walking — at least according […]

The Bizzaro World of Courtesy

Yes, you do live in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Submitted for your approval, a world where the people who operate large, dangerous machines — automobiles — are given every courtesy, and,  in their mishaps with people who prefer to walk or ride a bicycle, are given the benefit of the “doubt.” The street […]

The Perils of Texting

So how did this young lady end up impeding my way across Grand at National?   Well, she was so busy texting while driving that she over-shot the stop. She continued to text through the light and into the left turn. You can clearly see her texting in the picture. She only looked up — […]

A Moment of Cultural Clarity

It is as though Roxana were collateral damage, a human fender bender in the movement of huge trucks and vans and cars through the streets of New York. “As though”? Technorati Tags: traffic law, walking