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Like The No-Driving Thing

Not that I was tipsy or anything, but it’s nice to be able to walk home from happy hour during weather events ūüôā Technorati Tags: downtown, Springfield Missouri, walking, weather

Who’s Wetter? Not Me

Wow. Big-time rain this morning. So I donned my¬†rain suit¬†and rode downtown for a coffee and bagel as usual because, well, rain isn’t stopping anyone else from moving around this morning. Look miserable? I¬†guarantee you I arrived dryer than many people today who drove cars, parked in parking lots, and dashed through puddles into offices […]


Two days ago, I rode my bicycle in the rain — a lot of rain. Yesterday, I walked because the temperature had dropped enough below freezing that snow and ice were expected. I don’t do snow and ice on two wheel. Call me a weenie. Today, I started downtown at 6:50 a.m. with the¬†mercury¬†showing 23 […]


So the weather is on a cooling trend. It was 27 degrees when I left home this morning at 6:45 headed downtown for¬†coffee¬†and a¬†bagel. That’s not even close to too cold to ride a bicycle. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced too cold in Springfield (seeing as how it’s a matter of dealing with the […]

Let’s Be Careful Out There

Pretty… …but dangerous. These suckers are slippery when wet and piled up on the road. Let’s be careful out there today. The Weather Channel iPhone app let me down. It said no rain. I wore my raincoat anyway, but I left my rain pants at home. Halfway downtown this morning the light mist turned into […]

We’re Havin’ A Heat Wave

Gonna be hot this weekend. It’s hot now. Can’t let that stop you from cycling. OK, so when it’s really hot you’re going to sweat doing just about anything — that includes walking to your car and waiting for the air conditioner to kick in. But I have always maintained, and still do, that it […]

Sidewalks Still Blocked, But Noticed

Today the News-Leader (in an article) and The Standard (in an editorial) call attention to the condition of Springfield’s sidewalks. It would be good if the mayor or a city councilman could make a statement about this — asking citizens to shovel the walks. The weather is going to get colder. More snow is expected. […]

Sweet Revenge on Snow Shovel Thief

I mentioned in my Snowpocalypse coverage that someone stole my two snow shovels (older blue minivan with teenaged boy). Well, here’s what can happen: That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Technorati Tags: weather

Into the Wilderness

Pedestrians will find a way — or make a way. On my walk to work this morning I noticed how many paths had been beaten into the snow creating something like a transportation network for people able-bodied enough to walk on ice and snow. The footprints and the number of paths tell a story: A […]

Snow on the Sidewalks

I had a short exchange with @CityofSgf on Twitter yesterday regarding the condition of sidewalks in Springfield — something I’ve covered in two recent posts (here and here). The city has been working hard to clear he roads. I think they’ve done an excellent job given the¬†magnitude¬†of he storm. @CityofSgf acknowledged that the sidewalk situation […]

A Trip Downtown By Bus

I chose not to ride my bicycle downtown because the roads were still too icy this morning. And walking was out of the question because few sidewalks have been shoveled (except across the MSU campus) and snow piles have been push into sidewalk intersections creating mounds to climb over. Not gonna put up with 2+ […]

A Longer Walk to School

Disclaimer: This is not a¬†complaint¬†about the hard-working people who plowed the streets for the City of Springfield during ¬†Snowpocalypse ’11. This is, instead, a complaint about all of us, i.e. our culture. In case one needed proof that the car is king of the road — indeed, king of all transportation modes — one merely […]

Snowpocalypse Now

Hmmmm… Yucky, but not quite dire yet. There’s more on the way. The forecast now says 5 to 8 inches of snow expected today and 1 to 3 tonight. That’s a downgrade from last night. I went to bed with thoughts of 12 to 20. While I dislike the term “hardcore” to describe bicyclists who […]

A Great Day For A Walk

… and for public transportation. It’s snowing like crazy today. So I walked. I also used the Bear Line to get downtown, so I didn’t miss my Tuesday/Thursday appointment to hang out and read the newspaper at the Mudhouse. A short conversation this morning in the kitchen: Wife: I’m happy to give you a ride, […]

Fallen Leaves On The Road

They sure do look pretty. But fallen leaves on the road are a hazard for cyclists — especially when wet. And wet they will be beginning tomorrow. The forecast is rain. Fallen leaves can also cover road hazards such as cracks and holes. Let’s be careful out there. Technorati Tags: bicycle safety, cycling, weather