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1-mile Solution in the News

Here’s a short Q & A published in a group of local papers about the 1-Mile Solution. I keep thinking this kind of encouragement might actually help a few people follow the path I discovered. That path was remarkably smooth to follow. I did not arrive in Springfield nine years ago already hip to the […]

Bike To Everywhere Decade

Next week is Bike to Work Week in Springfield. Or, just another week. You see, I’m participating in, and about to complete, Bike to Everywhere Decade. I seriously do not mean to criticize Bike to Work Week or brag about what I do. It’s a good program. But I do have a minor gripe that’s […]

Quotes We Narrate By

Regarding my earlier post today and the beginning of Keri Caffrey’s series entitled The Stories We Tell, here are the essential plots of two very different narratives of bicycling in the United States today: The Stories of the Unsuccessful Bicyclist I’m a second class citizen. I’m at the mercy of others. Most motorists are careless […]

The Whole Perspective Thing

The New York Times published an amusing article about a “vast” shale oil field in California. I think these are the money quotes: Comprising two-thirds of the United States’s total estimated shale oil reserves and covering 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, the Monterey Shale could turn California into the nation’s top oil-producing […]

Appropriate Background

Yesterday’s ride to the Galloway Jamboree was brutal. I ran into my buddy Rick Scarlet on the Galloway Trail. So he shows up in the video I shot. It was nice to ride with my friend; it took my mind off the triple-digit heat. I’ve been thinking our heatwave and 9-inch rainfall deficit is going […]

On Participation

I re-asserted yesterday that my primary goal as a bicycle advocate is not increasing participation. My primary goals are to educate people how to use the streets we have and to return us to the idea that our streets are a public commons. I think participation is a quality of culture. If a culture understands utility […]

Thoughts On Bike-to-Work Week

It’s Bike-Bus-Walk to Work Week in Springfield. For me it’s just another week of doing what I do every day. Here’s the thing: I would not be doing it — commuting by bicycle — if it were difficult to do. Seriously. Why is it not difficult? Primarily it is not difficult because I live 3/4 […]

1-mile Solution At PechaKucha #6

Come to PechaKucha #6 this Saturday evening at 7 p.m. at the Creamery Arts Center. I’m on the program giving a talk about the 1-mile Solution. It’ll be cool. So, yeah, be there. Whatinthehellis PechaKucha? Technorati Tags: 1-mile Solution, bicycle advocacy

Just do It

Move closer to your work and frequent destinations, and practice the 1-mile Solution. Otherwise? Well, this. What’s your health and well-being worth to you? Technorati Tags: 1-mile Solution, bicycle advocacy, cycling

It Ain’t Purty

James D. Schwartz has an interesting post from earlier this spring about the cost of owning a car in terms of your time at work. The reality isn’t pretty: Motorists works 2 hours each day to pay for a car. Bicyclists work 3.8 minutes each day to pay for their bicycles. (Obviously the costs are […]

Bike/Walk/Bus to Work Week

Make plans now to commute by means other than an automobile the week of 16-20 May. It’s cool to do it for a week. It’s truly epic to keep it up — maybe not everyday, but maybe one or two days per week. Ease your way in. Pretty soon you’ll be selling a car and […]

When Loaded Language Attacks!

One Street is highlighting a new report by professors at Rutgers and Virginia Tech comparing the rates of bicycle commuting in nine North American cities with New York City — specifically to learn what factors are leading to lagging participation in NYC and what the city might do better. (direct link to .pdf) And, so […]

My Yammering At Ecopalooza

Here’s my speech about the 1-Mile Solution at Ecopalooza today. I kept it under 5 minutes. Yay! [display_podcast] Technorati Tags: 1-mile Solution, bicycle advocacy, bicycle culture, cycling

Getting Around By Other Means

Ask 18 urban volunteers to forgo using their cars for one week and what will you learn? Nothing very surprising. From The City Fix: The study found that autonomy was more important for commuters than the status or comfort associated with car ownership. “More than two-thirds of participants cited convenience, control, and flexibility—not comfort or status, […]

1-Mile Solution In The News

Well, sort of. While not mentioned by name, the 1-Mile Solution is central to an article in USA Today today (hmmmm… or is it an article today in USA Today?). It concerns how the design of cities can ease the cost of travel. The nut graph re: the 1-MS: The way to cut back on […]