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Submit or Be Damned

Do as you’re told. Submit to authority. No matter what. Even if you have the facts on your side. Even if you have reason on your side. Even if you have experts on your side. Even if you have morality on your side. This is America today on our streets. Drive a car or stay […]

Silly Season Here Again

I’ve used the term “silly season” many times on Carbon Trace to indicate short periods of time in which the likelihood of motorists and other other traffic users to make mistakes seems highest to me. I have no data to back up that, in fact, any silly season is any more problematic than any other […]

The Whole Money Thing

My wife and I get many different reactions from people when we mention our moving to a loft in downtown Springfield. A few are interested because the same thought has crossed their minds. A few are amused because our move seems the trendy thing to do. Still others are perplexed and simply nod. We were […]

The Whole Perspective Thing

The New York Times published an amusing article about a “vast” shale oil field in California. I think these are the money quotes: Comprising two-thirds of the United States’s total estimated shale oil reserves and covering 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, the Monterey Shale could turn California into the nation’s top oil-producing […]

Escape From The American Dream

Today I begin a new series on Carbon Trace (haven’t come up with a name for it yet … perhaps the headline because, yeah, I enjoy irony). It is related to my long-running and still-active series called Our Urban Challenge. On Monday, my wife and I will sign a lease for a loft in downtown […]

More Than .5 Percent

According to figures from the American Community Survey released by the League of American Bicyclists, .53 percent of America’s commuters ride bicycles to work. Springfield manages 1.2 percent behind Columbia’s Missouri-leading 1.5 percent (based on 2010 data). Here’s what the League thinks this means: While this number represents nearly 40 percent growth since 2000, it […]

Thoughts On Bike-to-Work Week

It’s Bike-Bus-Walk to Work Week in Springfield. For me it’s just another week of doing what I do every day. Here’s the thing: I would not be doing it — commuting by bicycle — if it were difficult to do. Seriously. Why is it not difficult? Primarily it is not difficult because I live 3/4 […]

How To Increase Participation

My headline over-promises. I am not particularly interested in increasing participation as an end in itself. But it is clear that many bicycle advocates believe that providing such infrastructure as bicycle lanes, tracks, and separated paths does increase participation. According to recent studies, it’s not entirely clear what the cause-and-effect relationship actually is between infrastructure and participation. […]

It Ain’t Purty

James D. Schwartz has an interesting post from earlier this spring about the cost of owning a car in terms of your time at work. The reality isn’t pretty: Motorists works 2 hours each day to pay for a car. Bicyclists work 3.8 minutes each day to pay for their bicycles. (Obviously the costs are […]

Our Urban Challenge: The Numbers Game

The Holy Grail of bicycle advocacy is numbers of kiesters in saddles on two wheels on the road. Some advocates are willing to do almost anything to increase participation — including putting novices in danger. There’s a “but”: It appears rather clear that the more people who ride bicycles in a given area the safer […]

Bike/Walk/Bus to Work Week

Make plans now to commute by means other than an automobile the week of 16-20 May. It’s cool to do it for a week. It’s truly epic to keep it up — maybe not everyday, but maybe one or two days per week. Ease your way in. Pretty soon you’ll be selling a car and […]

Info-Graphic Shows Bicycling Ratios

Take a look at this interesting info-graphic that shows, among other things, the differences between the numbers of  bicycle commuters by gender. The idea is that one measure of bicycle friendliness is the low ratio of male to female bicyclists. Why do women commute by bicycle in smaller numbers than men? Is the lower ratio an indication […]

Our Urban Challenge: Young Professionals

I was in Florida when the following news article was published in the Springfield News-Leader on 5 January: How Can We Attract Young Professionals? Here are the first few paragraphs: Expanding local trails, banning public smoking and confronting the city’s lack of diversity are ways for Springfield to attract and retain young professionals, according to a […]

The Whole Commuting Thing

Check out this NPR story/podcast about the rising popularity of riding a bicycle to work. I like this part: “It’s almost like a snowball effect,” says researcher John Pucher of Rutgers University. “People see other people cycling and they say, ‘Wow!’ ” As part of a three-year research project for the U.S. Department of Transportation, […]

Bicycle Commuter Rates

A reader alerted me to this map showing bicycle commuter rates in the U.S. Click the image for a choice of viewing sizes. Commuting is just one aspect of utility bicycling. I wonder if there’s more data on other kinds of trips, e.g. to the store, school, etc. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle commuting, bicycle […]