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Submit or Be Damned

Do as you’re told. Submit to authority. No matter what. Even if you have the facts on your side. Even if you have reason on your side. Even if you have experts on your side. Even if you have morality on your side. This is America today on our streets. Drive a car or stay […]

Playing the Numbers Game, Part 2

So, yeah, dangerous infrastructure gets built in places that have good reputations for bicycle friendliness. On my recent trip to Portland, Oregon — a platinum level bicycle friendly community, according to the League of American Bicyclists — I saw infrastructure that violates the rules of safe movement or otherwise creates hazards worse than the street […]

On The Record

Just FYI: In the bicycle advocacy world, I am a traffic safety advocate as opposed to a participation advocate. Participation advocate: A person whose primary goal is increasing the number of people who ride bicycles (aka. mode share). A participation advocate’s primary measure of success in advocacy is increased mode share. Traffic safety advocate: A […]

Danger and Difficulty

I gave a luncheon talk at the Midtown Library today about bicycling in traffic as traffic for basic transportation. The big sound-bite: If it were difficult or dangerous, I wouldn’t be doing it. That happens to be entirely true. I’m interested in neither difficulty nor danger. The talk consisted mostly of explaining the rules of […]

A Note On The Sociology Of Bike Lanes

Eliot Landrum, a CyclingSavvy instructor and a founding member of I Am Traffic from Dallas, posted the following story to Facebook recently: For the “student stories” file. Jay, a [CyclingSavvy] grad, joined me up for coffee and a social ride this morning. He told me about a trip a friend and him took last weekend to […]

Traffic 101 Class Offered This June

League Cycling Instructor David Hutchison is offering the Traffic 101 course on 22 June in Springfield. Hutchison is a traffic engineer with the City of Springfield and a long-time bicycle commuter. I have taken both the League course with Hutchison and the CyclingSavvy course with Karen Karabell in St. Louis (I am also a CyclingSavvy Instructor). I […]

On The Showing Of Photos

What does it mean to show a photograph of a poorly-designed bicycle lane? Recent chatter from the lane-painting wing of bicycle-advocacy-land has taken the publishing of such images to task for the oft-imagined sin of over-generalizing about all bicycle infrastructure. For a good example of this, just read my post from yesterday. Let’s re-visit a […]

More Stories We Tell About Bicycling

Here is the response (click for large image): And here is the video: Savvy Cyclist — Bill Edmonds from Keri Caffrey on Vimeo. Yep. We’re a bunch of nefarious traffic cyclists out to stop progress for everyone. Because, yeah, no one would ever mislead you about bicycle infrastructure. Right? Something New On Cherry from acline […]

Quotes We Narrate By

Regarding my earlier post today and the beginning of Keri Caffrey’s series entitled The Stories We Tell, here are the essential plots of two very different narratives of bicycling in the United States today: The Stories of the Unsuccessful Bicyclist I’m a second class citizen. I’m at the mercy of others. Most motorists are careless […]

On Narrative and Reality

Long-time Carbon Trace readers know that I occasionally enjoy mixing my academic passion for rhetoric with my transportation passion for bicycling. This is not a stretch because, as with most academic disciplines, the whole point is to understand the world — all of it — in terms of a particular subject, e.g. politics, history, or […]

Culture, Daydreams, and Hypothesis

I drove my bicycle to the grocery this morning. That is a very odd statement. The statement is odd because I’m admitting doing something out of the cultural norm in the United States. It is also odd because I am deliberately appropriating language used and understood by motorists to refer to what they do with […]

I Am Traffic: Wrap-Up

The fine group of people pictured here will begin the work of creating a governing structure for the tentatively-titled bicycle education organization I Am Traffic. Once that work is done, we will form a governing body typical for any non-profit organization, including the usual slate of officers and a Board of Directors. I was greatly […]

I Am Traffic: Hard Work

The work that goes into starting a new national organization is much like sausage making 🙂 We’re making sausage here in Orlando today was we hammer out the structure and governance for I Am Traffic. This morning we’re working on vision and mission statements and core values. This afternoon, we’ll decide how to govern I […]

I Am Traffic: The Beginning

8:50 a.m.: We are 10 minutes away from the beginning or the creation of a new national bicycle education program. I’m in Orlando for the I Am Traffic bicycle education colloquium. I’ll be posting updates on this post through the weekend. 10:00 a.m.: Keri Caffrey’s opening remarks entitled Achieving A Vision. 10:05 a.m.: Dan Gutierrez […]

Movin’ On Up

I’m on my way to the I Am Traffic bicycle education colloquium in Orlando. I’ll try to post regular updates here and on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s the program: Saturday Agenda 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Check-In 9:00 to 9:15 Introductions — Mighk 9:15 to 9:45 Achieving a Vision — Keri 9:45 to 10:45 6 Es […]