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So the weather is on a cooling trend. It was 27 degrees when I left home this morning at 6:45 headed downtown for coffee and a bagel. That’s not even close to too cold to ride a bicycle. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced too cold in Springfield (seeing as how it’s a matter of dealing with the […]

Rent A Bicycle Today At MSU

Check out all the green bicycles at the Bear Paw (shouldn’t they be maroon?):   The Residence Hall Association is renting these bicycles to students for $15 per semester (including a cable lock). What a deal! Where did these come from? Well, many of them were abandoned on university bicycle racks. Thanks for the donation! […]

Use Lights In Low Light

The headline is good advice (it’s also the law). Anyway, here’s a video of my trip downtown yesterday morning for coffee and a bagel: UPDATE: Check out the analysis of rear lighting by Steve at DFW, Point to Point. Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle equipment, bicycle safety, cycling

Over The River And Through The Woods

I shopped for Thanksgiving a couple of nights ago. No problem handling the job by bicycle. Have a great Thanksgiving. See you on Black Friday. Or, rather, see you online. I won’t be shopping, although I might go downtown to hang out. Technorati Tags: bicycle equipment, cycling, utility cycling

Wabi Sabi Chic

Take a look at this beater I saw on campus; it’s soooo wabi sabi. Everything on this bicycle looked ancient except for the new fork, the rack, and the milk crate. It’s a B.F. Goodrich. Technorati Tags: bicycle, bicycle equipment, cycling

Making a Good Thing Worse

Innovation is cool, except when you blacken up a green concept. Yes, it requires natural resources such as oil to produce bicycles. But when you go too high tech, you’re into the rare earth problem. Big problem. Technorati Tags: bicycle design, bicycle equipment, bicycle video, cycling

We’re Havin’ A Heat Wave

Gonna be hot this weekend. It’s hot now. Can’t let that stop you from cycling. OK, so when it’s really hot you’re going to sweat doing just about anything — that includes walking to your car and waiting for the air conditioner to kick in. But I have always maintained, and still do, that it […]

Livin’ On Easy Seat

Being a slow-moving transportation bicyclist means that I look for comfort and convenience in my bicycle accessories. For example, the saddle: CT readers will recall that I bought a Hobson back in 2008 and never looked back. I’ve moved my old one to my recreation bicycle and upgraded my transportation bicycle to the Easyseat II version. This model is […]

Bolting More Bull

Steve A., author of DFW Point to Point, is a frequent commenter on Carbon Trace and a frequent pointer-outer than I bolt lots of stuff to my bicycle 🙂 Well, I’ve now bolted something else to it — an AXA Defender locking system with integrated chain. I’m liking it. In other equipment news, the ol’ […]

Rick’s New Electric Modification

STAR Team member and Springfield City Farm author Rick Scarlet added electric-assist to his Torker. You can check out Rick’s first impressions here. I took a quick spin on Friday on Patton Alley downtown. Very cool. After hanging out at the Mudhouse for a bit on Friday morning, we went over to Queen City Cycles […]

Battle of the Cargo Carriers

I’ve developed (by no conscious effort or intention) a 3-way system for carrying everyday stuff while riding my bicycle. My system involves my daypack, my messenger pannier, and my man-bag (i.e. a messenger bag that looks a little too much like a big purse). For the longest time my daypack was good enough. It’s old […]

Dress For Success

It’s time to adjust  riding attire now that temperatures are  dipping into the low 50s to high 40s in the morning. Actually, my attire doesn’t change at all. I wear what’s necessary for my destination, e.g. professor casual for work, which can include everything from jeans and a polo to a khakis, a tweed jacket […]

Utility Cycling: There’s an App for That

Disclaimer: If you’re an iPhone user of long standing, this entry may be very boring for you. But do leave a comment if you have suggestions. Thanks! I’m a fairly recent convert to the iPhone. I bought my 3GS about two weeks before the new one hit the market (which saved me $$$). The app […]

Branding For Success?

Check out this report of a new branding campaign by Bikes Belong called  People for Bikes. The designs all look happy and unhipsterish, which Suzanne Labarre at Co.Design thinks is a good thing. I agree. But the photo below, promoting bicycle commuting and Bike to Work Week, goes off the rails. OK, I get it […]

Fender Love

While I do own and play a Telecaster Deluxe, the love I speak of today involves those slabs of plastic around my bicycle wheels that will keep me dry on my ride downtown this morning. I’m loathe to make too many generalizations about what bicycle equipment you should have (although I do it anyway), but I’m […]