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Flip-side of the Amsterdam Coin

The damned thing is done. Sort of. It’s not what I had originally intended. Last year, when I published a tongue-n-cheek trailer for this video, I was planning a documentary about bicycling in Springfield, Missouri with comparisons to Amsterdam (realizing, obviously, that such comparisons are difficult at best given the radically different contexts). The comparison […]

The Good Struggle

The headline in The Standard — the MSU student newspaper — reads: Students Struggle for Bike Rack Space on Campus. I say: Good! That means lots of students are riding their bicycles. I’m quoted in the story saying other things, too 🙂 Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle infrastructure, bicycle parking, cycling

Build It And They Will Ignore

This picture says it all — although I added some visual aids 🙂 Technorati Tags: bicycle parking, cycling

Build It And They Will Come

Just returned from my trip to Ecuador (more on the Quito traffic situation soon), and the first thing I did this morning was head downtown for my usual routine. The one big change: The new bicycle corral appeared in my absence. From left to right is Rick Scarlet, James Radke, and yours truly. This corral […]

The Wayward Rack Returning Soon?

Here’s a picture of my bicycle “parked” on Patton Alley this morning: Where is the bicycle rack? A couple of weeks ago, a plumbing crew made a repair. They removed the rack in order to make the repair — entirely understandable. I made a call to the Public Works department and was told the the […]

Parking At The Bistro

I rode to the Bistro Market downtown today to pick up a few specialty items for dinner. Here’s the bicycle parking provided in the parking lot behind the store. There’s always another bicycle or two when I go there. But that’s not at all surprising. The Bistro is a popular place, and many people ride […]

Big Box Parking

Human behavior can be understood as making choices that weigh costs against benefits before taking action, according to the rational choice theorists. I don’t buy it because our choices are always complexly situated. But this theory can be an amusing lens on bicyclist behavior. For example: I rode my bicycle to the local big-box hardware […]