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Submit or Be Damned

Do as you’re told. Submit to authority. No matter what. Even if you have the facts on your side. Even if you have reason on your side. Even if you have experts on your side. Even if you have morality on your side. This is America today on our streets. Drive a car or stay […]

On The Record

Just FYI: In the bicycle advocacy world, I am a traffic safety advocate as opposed to a participation advocate. Participation advocate: A person whose primary goal is increasing the number of people who ride bicycles (aka. mode share). A participation advocate’s primary measure of success in advocacy is increased mode share. Traffic safety advocate: A […]

Happy New Year! Happy New Culture!

R E S P E C T If you have to get a song stuck in your head Respect is a good one 🙂 I’m also declaring “respect” the the Carbon Trace word of the year for 2014. As in: By so declaring, I am making a pledge to work for cultural change to achieve […]

Vote ‘Yes’ For Capital Improvements Tax

Tomorrow is election day, and among the chances you have to make Springfield a better place to live is renewing the 1/4-cent Capital Improvements Sales Tax. Please vote “Yes.” This tax pays for numerous infrastructure improvements including projects that benefit pedestrians and bicyclists. You may have noticed sharrows appearing on the streets of the city’s bicycle […]

On The Showing Of Photos

What does it mean to show a photograph of a poorly-designed bicycle lane? Recent chatter from the lane-painting wing of bicycle-advocacy-land has taken the publishing of such images to task for the oft-imagined sin of over-generalizing about all bicycle infrastructure. For a good example of this, just read my post from yesterday. Let’s re-visit a […]

More Stories We Tell About Bicycling

Here is the response (click for large image): And here is the video: Savvy Cyclist — Bill Edmonds from Keri Caffrey on Vimeo. Yep. We’re a bunch of nefarious traffic cyclists out to stop progress for everyone. Because, yeah, no one would ever mislead you about bicycle infrastructure. Right? Something New On Cherry from acline […]

Of Motorist Rage and the Free-Rider Bicyclist

The BBC published an interesting column yesterday about the psychology of motorist rage toward bicyclists. The upshot is that, apparently, motorists are upset most because bicyclists are free-riders in traffic: they do not pay for the system, and many do not follow the rules. Here’s the money quote: So now we can see why there is […]

Of Goals and Point of View

Long-time Carbon Trace reader Robert (also a professional bicycle advocate and educator) asked this question in the comments to my post on the recent deadly right-hook crash in Boston: Do you think that bicycle facilities can be designed in such a way as to eliminate the dangers and delays? My short answer: No. He was […]

Is It Rude Or Worse?

It’s been recently suggested in the Bicycle Friendly Springfield group on Facebook that a vehicle driver (e.g. a bicyclist) controlling the lane and traveling about 10 mph on a 2-lane road with a 35-mph limit and non-sharable width (<14 feet) is being “rude, arguably unethical, and possibly sociopathic.” Let’s examine this assertion. The system of traffic works […]

Things Are Getting Worse

I believe we’ve entered an era in which things are going to get worse for bicyclists before they get better. The tectonic pressure to paint bicycle lanes has become so great that it no longer seems possible to even debate the merits or the claims of safety. Check out this article from Yes! magazine. Here’s a […]

Transportation Sales Tax Renewal Today

It’s election day in Missouri. Among the primaries and other proposals is the renewal of the 1/8-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in Springfield. Part of this money (a small part) pays for bicycle and pedestrian improvements, including much-needed connections for our greenways and bicycle route system. Please vote to renew this tax today. Technorati […]

What Happened

From the news article: Investigators “are still trying to understand exactly what happened,” Ouimet said. I’ll tell you what happened. A bicyclist got hooked (not your standard right-hook as shown below) in a bicycle track because the infrastructure put him into conflict with turning traffic. He probably died thinking he was safe. Check out the street view […]

More Than .5 Percent

According to figures from the American Community Survey released by the League of American Bicyclists, .53 percent of America’s commuters ride bicycles to work. Springfield manages 1.2 percent behind Columbia’s Missouri-leading 1.5 percent (based on 2010 data). Here’s what the League thinks this means: While this number represents nearly 40 percent growth since 2000, it […]

Bike Lane Laws; It Could Happen Here

What can happen after a community spends a lot of money painting bicycle lanes? Well, someone will get the idea that, having spent so much money, bicyclists should be required to ride in the lanes. Check out what Keri Caffrey writes about why that’s a problem. A couple of highlights: Forward focus is your priority in a […]

The Whole New Reality

Next week the STAR Team kicks off a new campaign for alternative transportation. I’ll have more specifics as we get close to the main event: Who: Joe Kurmaskie, The Metal Cowboy What: A public talk about bicycling When: 19 April at 7:00 p.m. Where: City Utilities Auditorium, 301 E. Central Click here for the official […]