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Don’t Be Mad At Me

I know nothing about psychology beyond the introductory class I took in college in the 1970s. That said, and given the discussion in my post yesterday about the psychology of motorist anger, I want to propose this: People, in general, do not like being the focus of anger. I believe, with nothing more than anecdotal […]

The Perils of Texting

So how did this young lady end up impeding my way across Grand at National?   Well, she was so busy texting while driving that she over-shot the stop. She continued to text through the light and into the left turn. You can clearly see her texting in the picture. She only looked up — […]

20,000 Miles

It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while someone will try to persuade me that they know more about bicycling than I do (and maybe they do) by claiming to ride 20,000 miles per year. The number — 20,000 — is remarkably consistent among these various interlocutors. Not sure what that’s all about […]

Harassment: First Time In Eight Years

There’s been a lot of chatter recently on the Bicycle Friendly Springfield Facebook group about proposing an anti-harassment law similar to those in Columbia and St. Louis. Basically, such a law would make it illegal to purposely harass a bicyclist. I’ve been ambivalent about it for two reasons: 1) Isn’t it already illegal to harass people […]

Silly Season 2012

I often walk to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I do not head downtown first on those days. Plus, I like to mix it up. Walking home yesterday — all of 3/4 mile — I saw five separate incidents of people being silly on the streets. Upon seeing the first one, I thought: Oh, […]

The Most Important Thing In The World

Well, obviously, the most important thing in the world is our tender convenience. Let no rules (especially the Golden one) or conventions of polite behavior stand in the way of our desires. Technorati Tags: crazy drivers, cycling

Drive Your Video Game

Drive your bicycle. That’s good advice. Drive your video game. Huh? I don’t drive a car very often. But my family does own one. And now we own a new one because the old one died. So that’s a picture of the new one — a 2010 Toyota Prius. It’s like driving a video game. […]

Other People’s Lives

Screw ’em! I mean, really … other people? They’re just objects in the road. Something to get around. And if they piss you off, then scare them or put them in danger. Here’s what a road bully pulled on me this morning. He didn’t realize, however, that wasn’t scared of him. (Click for larger image) […]

A Few Thoughts And Observations

In no particular order of importance: Beware Springfield! There are outlaw nuns on the loose! Had a car full of them run the 4-way stop at Cherry and Hammons right in front of me this morning. What traffic laws would Mother Teresa ignore? STAR Team member Rick Scarlet and I are working on holding a […]

What I Saw Downtown This Morning

I began my career out of college as a news photographer. I carried a camera 24/7 and was always ready. Those days are gone. I have my iPhone, but getting it ready for photography eats up precious seconds. So I can’t show two of the coolest things I saw this morning: two men, in business […]

Honk Report: Two Firsts!

Today’s honk was doubly disturbing. First, it came shortly after the last one. Usually honks are spaced many weeks apart making them very rare occurrences. Second, this honk was my first one downtown. I was riding on Walnut headed east toward campus. I had just crossed Jefferson. A short way ahead a truck was parallel parking, so […]

Honk Report: The Territorial Hoot

I suppose there are many reasons (justified or not) car drivers might have to honk at a bicyclist, but I’m sure I suffer only one kind: the territorial hoot — an animalistic cry in the wilderness whose exigence is the transgression of territory by a feared or loathed other. This is also known as being a jerk. What’s […]

Today’s Go-Read-It-Nows

Things you should be reading today: State of the Art Bikeway Design, Or Is It? David Hembrow demonstrates that some U.S. bikeway designs are inferior to Dutch designs even though the designers claim to be following “best” European practices. The biggest problems with these guidelines lie in the intersection designs. For instance, NACTO states “typical international […]

Honk Report: Soooo Predictable

If it’s spring on Cherry north of campus (where many fraternity and sorority houses are located) then it must be time to honk at bicyclists. Just a few minutes ago, for example. This is one of the three areas in town where honks have occurred most for me (in no particular order): 1. Cherry north of the […]

I Am A Bad Driver

Here’s the proof: That’s me driving a rented Cadillac STS through Memphis on my way to Florida in December. Despite my best intentions to follow the letter and spirit of the law at all times (which makes me one of those people you hate to be stuck behind because your time and convenience are just […]