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Thirsty Critters

We now have one billion cars on planet earth. We’re making more all the time. How long before these thirsty critters drink up all the oil? I wouldn’t care except that we need oil for other important purposes. Technorati Tags: cycling, green revolution, peak oil

Drive Less, Live More … Really

Inconvenient news from Sweden: What do you expect when you put people in cars they feel good about driving (or at least less guilty), which are also cheap to buy and run? Naturally, they drive them more. So much more, in fact, that they obliterate energy gains made by increased fuel efficiency. Seems the carbon emissions are not […]

It’s Earth Day; Stuff Your Face

Everyday is Earth Day on Carbon Trace. So no need to make a big deal out of it. But I think you should consider heading downtown this afternoon to stuff your face for a good cause. Click here for details about Earth on Your Plate. It would also be good if you walked or rode […]

Calculating Patriotism

Disclaimer: Having suffered being labeled a traitor lo these many years since 9/11 by bloviating right-wingers, I’m taking the liberty of pushing back a little this morning. Certain readers should resist a literal interpretation (I know that’s hard to do) of the following <– typical liberal crap. Being a traitorous, slandering, evil, godless, bleeding-heart, tax-and-spend, baby-killing […]

On The Energy Front

This article on the front page of The New York Times today is amusing and frustrating (as is much of politics today): “The ratepayers of Virginia must be protected from costs for renewable energy that are unreasonably high,” the regulators said. Wind power would have increased the monthly bill of a typical residential customer by 0.2 […]

Earth Day 40 Years On

I was 13 years old on the first Earth Day and already an eco-warrior of the sort young teenagers tend to be — earnest, strident, and clueless. I’m not sure how much has changed. Scattered thunderstorms here today, so I’m on foot. I’ll “celebrate” the day by pretty much just doing what I usually do […]

Ride Planet Earth

Kim Paul Nguyen is riding a chunk of planet earth to call attention to the roll the bicycle can play in reducing carbon emissions. He’s on his way to United Nations  Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Ride Planet Earth – Nearly there! from Ricky Tart on Vimeo. Check out the Ride Planet Earth page on […]

Ride Your Bicycle…Or Else

Bad traffic day in California: I won’t claim riding a bicycle will save us at the end of the world, but it will make getting there a lot more enjoyable. Have a nice day 🙂 Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, cycling, green revolution

Make It Fun

How do you change behavior? The folks at Thefuntheory.com say: Make it fun! (via How We Drive) Ah, did you catch that at the end? This is sponsored by Volkswagen. Is this web site (and contest) just a clever bit of propaganda (unlike, say, this silly bit of propaganda) for the automobile industry? I wonder […]

Drive Less, Live More Now A .pdf

Our Springfield utility bicycling booklet — Drive Less, Live More — is now available as a .pdf file! I’ve added a page under “Important Stuff” on the sidebar. Technorati Tags: 1-mile Solution, bicycle advocacy, bicycle culture, bicycle politics, bicycle safety, cycling, green revolution, green transportation, sustainability, traffic law, transportation, utility cycling

Fantasy and Reality

The fantasy (with a healthy dose of American mythology) is used to sell cars: The reality is used to sell motor oil (Quaker State World’s Worst Commute): Americans, however, are now driving fewer miles and traffic deaths have declined, although from the way we drive it seems clear to me that there is no number […]

Big City Sans Cars

Here’s a fascinating look at… hmmmmm… what to call this? The future? A future? In any case, vehicle design student Marten Wallgren and his group recently won a Seymour Powell award for best concept in the “Future City Mobility” competition. They created a city system in which a futuristic bicycle is at the heart of […]

Dan Chiles Speaks At Repower Forum

The following podcast is the talk given by Springfield Mayor Pro Tem Dan Chiles at the Repower, Refuel, and Rebuild America Forum sponsored by Show Me Your Solutions. [display_podcast] Technorati Tags: green revolution, sustainability

Slums of the Future

I’m thinking the whole suburban dream is rapidly becoming a nightmare — especially for those who live far from work. Getting from point A to Point B is just going to get more expensive. And, unfortunately, for far too many Americans, there’s only one way to cover that mileage — in a car. We will, […]

The Cyclist’s Manifesto

I try not to drink anyone’s Kool-Aid straight. I find Robert Hurst’s Kool-Aid, however, particularly refreshing. He’s published a new book entitled The Cyclist’s Manifesto: The Case for Riding on Two Wheels Instead of Four. This self-described “wierd little book” (scroll down to 3 April) covers a wide range of issues in 179 pages. Hurst […]