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Our Urban Challenge: Riding The Bus

I’ve taken the bus in many cities in the U.S. and Europe, but before yesterday I had only taken the bus twice in my eight years in Springfield — both times to travel downtown when the roads were too icy to ride my bicycle. That wasn’t enough experience to form an impression of the system. […]

Appropriate Background

Yesterday’s ride to the Galloway Jamboree was brutal. I ran into my buddy Rick Scarlet on the Galloway Trail. So he shows up in the video I shot. It was nice to ride with my friend; it took my mind off the triple-digit heat. I’ve been thinking our heatwave and 9-inch rainfall deficit is going […]

Public Affairs Spotlight

It be shining on me. I’m happy that the whole honor was focused on my efforts for bicycle and pedestrian advocacy instead of simply academic stuff. The academic stuff is important, but all too often it is, well, academic 😉 Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, cycling, green transportation, transportation, Transportation Planning

It Ain’t Purty

James D. Schwartz has an interesting post from earlier this spring about the cost of owning a car in terms of your time at work. The reality isn’t pretty: Motorists works 2 hours each day to pay for a car. Bicyclists work 3.8 minutes each day to pay for their bicycles. (Obviously the costs are […]

Drive Less, Live More … Really

Inconvenient news from Sweden: What do you expect when you put people in cars they feel good about driving (or at least less guilty), which are also cheap to buy and run? Naturally, they drive them more. So much more, in fact, that they obliterate energy gains made by increased fuel efficiency. Seems the carbon emissions are not […]

It’s Earth Day; Stuff Your Face

Everyday is Earth Day on Carbon Trace. So no need to make a big deal out of it. But I think you should consider heading downtown this afternoon to stuff your face for a good cause. Click here for details about Earth on Your Plate. It would also be good if you walked or rode […]

Getting Around By Other Means

Ask 18 urban volunteers to forgo using their cars for one week and what will you learn? Nothing very surprising. From The City Fix: The study found that autonomy was more important for commuters than the status or comfort associated with car ownership. “More than two-thirds of participants cited convenience, control, and flexibility—not comfort or status, […]

1-Mile Solution In The News

Well, sort of. While not mentioned by name, the 1-Mile Solution is central to an article in USA Today today (hmmmm… or is it an article today in USA Today?). It concerns how the design of cities can ease the cost of travel. The nut graph re: the 1-MS: The way to cut back on […]

Calculating Patriotism

Disclaimer: Having suffered being labeled a traitor lo these many years since 9/11 by bloviating right-wingers, I’m taking the liberty of pushing back a little this morning. Certain readers should resist a literal interpretation (I know that’s hard to do) of the following <– typical liberal crap. Being a traitorous, slandering, evil, godless, bleeding-heart, tax-and-spend, baby-killing […]

ONE Conference at MSU

The Ozarks New Energy Conference continues today at Plaster Student Union at Missouri State University. I was a speaker on a panel yesterday about living car-lite in Springfield. The panel included Terry Whaley, executive director of Ozark Greenways; Mike MacPherson, principal planner with the City of Springfield; and Rick Scarlet, member of the STAR Team […]

Bicycling News Roundup

A couple of interesting items from Planetizen: Who pays for city roads? Are bicyclists freeloaders in the system? Or are the real freeloaders the drivers of cars? Or, as is usually the case, is this probably way more complicated? Here’s a report from Canada. It would be interesting to see what the results of a […]

We’re On Our Own, Part 2

Last year I wrote about the role riding a bicycle can play in helping us stay healthy. I don’t ride for sport, so I usually don’t work up much of a sweat. But even pedaling at modest speeds is excellent exercise that pays big health dividends. Given the state of our health care system and its […]

Apocalypse Someday, Maybe

Thomas Friedman highlights the following letter to the editor in his column today: “I’d like to join in on the blame game that has come to define our national approach to the ongoing environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This isn’t BP’s or Transocean’s fault. It’s not the government’s fault. It’s my fault. I’m […]

Earth Day 40 Years On

I was 13 years old on the first Earth Day and already an eco-warrior of the sort young teenagers tend to be — earnest, strident, and clueless. I’m not sure how much has changed. Scattered thunderstorms here today, so I’m on foot. I’ll “celebrate” the day by pretty much just doing what I usually do […]

Green Is Good When Green Is Green

The Sanyo Eneloop eclectic bicycle won a Best of Innovations award for eco-design and sustainability at the 2010 International CES sponsored by the Consumer Electronic Association. Let’s be clear about something first: I have nothing against electric bicycles. They serve a purpose for people who want or need them. But, really, giving a green award […]