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Happy New Year! Happy New Culture!

R E S P E C T If you have to get a song stuck in your head Respect is a good one 🙂 I’m also declaring “respect” the the Carbon Trace word of the year for 2014. As in: By so declaring, I am making a pledge to work for cultural change to achieve […]

A Note On The Sociology Of Bike Lanes

Eliot Landrum, a CyclingSavvy instructor and a founding member of I Am Traffic from Dallas, posted the following story to Facebook recently: For the “student stories” file. Jay, a [CyclingSavvy] grad, joined me up for coffee and a social ride this morning. He told me about a trip a friend and him took last weekend to […]

Vacation Mode

I’ll be away, and mostly out of touch, until school starts on 19 August. Among the things I’ll be doing: 1. Hiking the Great Glen Way. 2. “Climbing” Ben Nevis. 3. Sampling Scotch. Before I go, here’s something you ought to read by Kirby Beck: Bicycle Law Enforcement. Beck, among other things, is a founding […]

The Rules and What That Means

I have used the term “rules of safe movement” many times in discussing bicycle infrastructure. My usual link for it is this excellent essay by Chip Seal: The Steps of the Dance. I will continue to refer to this essay. I have secured permission to reproduce it for Carbon Trace readers — something I plan […]

Where Can (Should) You Ride?

Here’s what Missouri law states (307.190): Every person operating a bicycle or motorized bicycle at less than the posted speed or slower than the flow of traffic upon a street or highway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as safe, exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one […]

Of Perception, Reality, and Desire

Here are two things you should go read right now: If you want to stop having this debate… Cyclists Aren’t ‘Special,’ And They Shouldn’t Play By their Own Rules I’m not going to comment directly on these except to say that each is important in its own way. Instead, I want to use these as […]

More Stories We Tell About Bicycling

Here is the response (click for large image): And here is the video: Savvy Cyclist — Bill Edmonds from Keri Caffrey on Vimeo. Yep. We’re a bunch of nefarious traffic cyclists out to stop progress for everyone. Because, yeah, no one would ever mislead you about bicycle infrastructure. Right? Something New On Cherry from acline […]

Quotes We Narrate By

Regarding my earlier post today and the beginning of Keri Caffrey’s series entitled The Stories We Tell, here are the essential plots of two very different narratives of bicycling in the United States today: The Stories of the Unsuccessful Bicyclist I’m a second class citizen. I’m at the mercy of others. Most motorists are careless […]

On Narrative and Reality

Long-time Carbon Trace readers know that I occasionally enjoy mixing my academic passion for rhetoric with my transportation passion for bicycling. This is not a stretch because, as with most academic disciplines, the whole point is to understand the world — all of it — in terms of a particular subject, e.g. politics, history, or […]

I Am Traffic: Wrap-Up

The fine group of people pictured here will begin the work of creating a governing structure for the tentatively-titled bicycle education organization I Am Traffic. Once that work is done, we will form a governing body typical for any non-profit organization, including the usual slate of officers and a Board of Directors. I was greatly […]

Everything Is Rhetoric

Academic disciplinarity is an odd but useful thing. One of the roles it plays is to understand the world in terms of a particular set of theories within a particular body of knowledge. So everything is politics. Everything is history. Everything is rhetoric — which it really is, because, yeah, that’s my discipline 🙂 Why […]

I Am Traffic Website is Live

Another step forward: I Am Traffic on the web. Go ahead — click it! Technorati Tags: bicycle advocacy, bicycle education, bicycle safety, cycling, i am traffic