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Living, More or Less

Sometimes I can’t resist an overly-cute headline that’s more tricky than informative. I’m also fond of backing into my points 🙂 So, my wife and I are rapidly approaching two full years living downtown in the loft we joking call Vandelay. It seems like a good time to process the experience a bit (more). I’m […]

The Whole Newspaper Thing

I cannot remember a time when my family did not subscribe to a print newspaper. My parents took both the morning and evening papers in Wilmington, Delaware — where I grew up. I learned about work, responsibility, and earning money as a paper boy delivering the morning edition. I went to college with the intention […]

Urban Boom: A Documentary Film

From: Carbon Trace Productions and The Rhetorica Network The Baby Boomers were children of the post-war suburbs and raised their own children in the sprawling communities at the edges of American cities. Owning an individual home outside of a city has long been an essential part of the American Dream. That dream is changing. The […]

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Live in a place like this… …and use 1/3 the energy of a suburban home. It’s like getting a raise 😉 Technorati Tags: Earth Day, loft living, Springfield Missouri, sustainability

Mobility: Upwards and Otherwise

So it appears that even with an uptick in the real estate market, the whole home-ownership thing is losing its vaunted position at the core of the American Dream. Add to that what appears to be the end of the American love affair with cars among the Millennial  Generation and you have a potentially massive cultural […]

IMF Says Gasoline Too Cheap

Check out this report from NPR about the true costs of gasoline as reported by the International Monetary Fund. One problem: We are far too enamored of growth and short-term gain to ever take this seriously — that is until it’s too late. Then we will do the next thing we do best: Look for […]

The Whole Money Thing

My wife and I get many different reactions from people when we mention our moving to a loft in downtown Springfield. A few are interested because the same thought has crossed their minds. A few are amused because our move seems the trendy thing to do. Still others are perplexed and simply nod. We were […]

Smart Moves In #SGF

The Let’s Go Smart initiative is live — we’re livin’ it! This new campaign by the STAR Team of Ozark Greenways is a multi-modal concept aimed at encouraging people to think about their transportation choices. This is more than bike-ped advocacy. We’ve re-designed and upgraded the former Drive Less, Live More booklet. It’s now called Bike […]

Changing The Suburbs After The City

How might we re-imagine the suburbs? An exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York examines that question from an architectural standpoint. While the designs are rather dramatic, perhaps the most interesting idea is that we need to “change the dream.” That means re-thinking home ownership and single-family homes. So, yes, density. But […]

Our Urban Challenge: Where To Live?

A poll by the National Association of Realtors earlier this spring showed that Americans’ attitudes about where to live may be changing. A few (cherry-picked) highlights: Americans are three times more likely to say that the quality of life in their communities has gotten worse (35%) rather than better (12%) in the last three years. […]

The Real Reason

OK, actually a reason that’s not talked about enough… So, what can bicycling do for us and our towns and cities? The usual reasons to ride a bicycle include: health, wealth, relieve traffic congestion, and (add two or three things you think of most). Kasey Klimes, wrting for This Big City, says the following is […]

Pocket Neighborhood For Springfield?

This article in USA Today set me to thinking. I could live in one of these communities. I would be especially interested if it were situated in Springfield’s urban core close to downtown. So, any Carbon Trace readers think this idea has possibilities? UPDATE: Join the local Pocket Neighborhood group on Facebook. Technorati Tags: bicycle […]

Ecopalooza Tomorrow At MSU

Ecopalooza — the (mostly) solar-and bicycle-powered concert — will begin tomorrow on the Bear Paw (just north of the Plaster Student Union) at noon on the campus of MSU. Between bands, local eco-types will be giving short addresses. That includes me. I’m scheduled to talk about the 1-Mile Solution at 2:00 p.m. Free parking will […]

Getting Around By Other Means

Ask 18 urban volunteers to forgo using their cars for one week and what will you learn? Nothing very surprising. From The City Fix: The study found that autonomy was more important for commuters than the status or comfort associated with car ownership. “More than two-thirds of participants cited convenience, control, and flexibility—not comfort or status, […]

1-Mile Solution In The News

Well, sort of. While not mentioned by name, the 1-Mile Solution is central to an article in USA Today today (hmmmm… or is it an article today in USA Today?). It concerns how the design of cities can ease the cost of travel. The nut graph re: the 1-MS: The way to cut back on […]