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Shared Spaces — A Documentary Short

Here’s the full, final version of Shared Spaces: Shared Spaces from acline on Vimeo. Technorati Tags: downtown, urban design, urban development, urban life, Urban Planning

Lack of Imagination

We have a new pizza joint and a new sports bar opening soon in downtown Springfield. We don’t need either one. We have enough sports bars and pizza joints. We have enough coffee shops, cupcake stores, bars, party venues, art shops, sandwich shops, vapor shops, and hair stylists. What we don’t have is a drug […]

Rhetorical Dichotomies and Urbanism

I’m finding the process of writing a script for a documentary film especially interesting in regard to the canon of invention. Much of the advice I’ve been reading — because I’m a total newb at this — says the most you can do early in the process (the research/pre-production phase) is create a general outline. Invention comes before […]

Urban Boom: A Documentary Film

From: Carbon Trace Productions and The Rhetorica Network The Baby Boomers were children of the post-war suburbs and raised their own children in the sprawling communities at the edges of American cities. Owning an individual home outside of a city has long been an essential part of the American Dream. That dream is changing. The […]

What Downtown SGF Needs

(The following is an edited and expanded version of something I wrote last year for another venue.) Next month we’ll mark one year of life in downtown Springfield living in the Union Biscuit Lofts on Market Ave. So my wife and I have had plenty of opportunity to walk the streets and observe the goings-on. We’ve […]

Carbon Trace Re-Launch Begins 15 April

Several things have been keeping me busy this winter. I’m right in the middle of doing an academic case study examining a successful civic journalism project. I have also been re-working all of my classes — something that is regularly necessary, especially as I notice generational changes in students. Further, I have been busy re-thinking […]

That 6-Letter Word

OMG!!! I’m going to use that 6-letter word! H E L M E T Stop reading. Go directly to comments. Rant. Did you catch Elisabeth Rosenthal’s op-ed in the Sunday Review section of The New York Times today? I have a great deal of sympathy for the argument that helmet wearing makes bicycling look dangerous. […]

Our Urban Challenge: Riding The Bus

I’ve taken the bus in many cities in the U.S. and Europe, but before yesterday I had only taken the bus twice in my eight years in Springfield — both times to travel downtown when the roads were too icy to ride my bicycle. That wasn’t enough experience to form an impression of the system. […]

Changing The Suburbs After The City

How might we re-imagine the suburbs? An exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York examines that question from an architectural standpoint. While the designs are rather dramatic, perhaps the most interesting idea is that we need to “change the dream.” That means re-thinking home ownership and single-family homes. So, yes, density. But […]

Nice Day to Check Out the New Square

Park Central Square is finished. Here are the results. You’ll see that it has become a more pedestrian-friendly place. [nggallery id=6] Technorati Tags: Springfield Missouri, Urban and Regional Planning, urban design, urban development, Urban Planning

The Square Is Open :-)

Just in time for the First Friday Art Walk, the Square is open again. Here’s an iPhone image from a few minutes ago. Technorati Tags: cycling, urban design, urban development, Urban Planning

Square Renovations Ahead of Schedule

The following is an e-mail issued by Butler, Rosenbury & Partners today about the renovations to Park Central Square: Construction crews are finishing work on Park Central Square in downtown Springfield 20 days ahead of schedule. This is the culmination of a four-year effort to improve Springfield’s Public Square. History Originally positioned as the city center in 1838, […]

Our Urban Challenge: The Numbers Game

The Holy Grail of bicycle advocacy is numbers of kiesters in saddles on two wheels on the road. Some advocates are willing to do almost anything to increase participation — including putting novices in danger. There’s a “but”: It appears rather clear that the more people who ride bicycles in a given area the safer […]

Our Urban Challenge: Where To Live?

A poll by the National Association of Realtors earlier this spring showed that Americans’ attitudes about where to live may be changing. A few (cherry-picked) highlights: Americans are three times more likely to say that the quality of life in their communities has gotten worse (35%) rather than better (12%) in the last three years. […]

The Real Reason

OK, actually a reason that’s not talked about enough… So, what can bicycling do for us and our towns and cities? The usual reasons to ride a bicycle include: health, wealth, relieve traffic congestion, and (add two or three things you think of most). Kasey Klimes, wrting for This Big City, says the following is […]