About Carbon Trace Productions

Carbon Trace Productions is a documentary project associated with Dr. Andrew Cline’s¬†Carbon Trace weblog — about the future of urban life — and the Media, Journalism & Film Department at Missouri State University. The production crew recently¬†finished work on its first, feature-length project — Downtown — a documentary film reporting on the emerging trend of Americans choosing to move away from the suburbs in search of a new American Dream in re-developing urban centers. The team produced the documentary short Shared Spaces in 2015 that was an official selection at the 2015 New Urbanism Film Festival. Pre-production has begun on a second feature-length documentary about the student debt crisis.

Andy Cline: Executive Producer | Chelsea Eichholz: Producer | Shannon Cay Bowers: Associate Producer | Shane Franklin: Associate Producer | Tyler Beck: Associate Producer & Chief Cinematographer | Taye Taye: Art & Graphics Designer