CTP Newsletter Vol. 9

CTP Newsletter Vol. 9

Welcome to another Carbon Trace Newsletter,

After watching the debates last night, I encourage you to remind yourself of all the humanity we have in this world. The crew here at Carbon Trace is constantly seeking to see the good alongside whatever else people have to offer. We cover those stories that would otherwise go untold.

Sometimes it is not the film itself but rather the emotion it provokes that is the most important piece of the puzzle. Here are a few items that deserve your attention in that regard: SOURIYATJOONYPERSHARED SPACES.  

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There are so many showtimes (Listed HERE) for you to see our latest film. We are most excited about the showing at our third home- Mother’s Backyard, on October 9th at 7 p.m.  Cold weather season is coming soon, so at the event, we will be collecting donations of HotHands, coats, and blankets for our friends on the streets. 

We are proud that this project is gaining its legs with this fundraiser we launched this week!  The team is planning a trip for mid-November to catch the beginning of deer season. Check out this new video for all the details

There was another community workday at Eden Village where community members planted bushes, laid out mulch, and generally helped make the outdoor areas as nice as possible. Currently, we are gearing up to film at Eden Village Two, being built now. Also, Linda Brown, the founder of Eden Village, is running for the National Good Neighbor Award! Be sure to vote for her here

We are well into production and excited to show you all the perspective of college students during this pandemic. The student-lead team includes Producer Greta Cross, Director Diana Dudenhoeffer, and we have Grant Schwarz back this semester as Lead Editor. They are starting to form their stories now, and we look forward to keeping you updated.  

You can Watch these right now! 

  1. Witness at Tornillo: Follow one man from Brooklyn as he camps alone in a West Texas desert, compelled to witness the horrors of family separation and child detention on the U.S. southern border. His goal is to shut down this concentration camp and #FreeThemAll!
  2. Zero: This story explores how students, parents, and coaches handle defeat. The Central High School boys’ basketball team has not won a game in two years. This is a story of defeat and how players and coaches react to it.
  3. Souriyat: Our team encountered a unique charity Souriyat Across Borders, while interviewing Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan. Created by five women, “Souriyat Across Borders” provides rehabilitation for Syrian war wounded, along with deeply necessary education programs for vulnerable refugees seeking asylum in Jordan. The Carbon Trace team, led by director Taye Abithi Taye, returned twice to Jordan in 2017 filming with The Syrian-American Medical Society as they conducted medical missions in the region – from Amman to Mafraq, within eyesight of the Syrian border.

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10 Things for Your Sunday

10 Things for Your Sunday

  1. Well, we won’t be having the Rated SGF Festival this year. However, I hear next year will be worth the wait! 
  2. It is funny how a song can spark such a clear, vivid memory of the past. See 1997: Shania Twain, Come On Over
  3. This article is a reminder to be kind because you never know what obstacles others are facing. A short clip from the article:

  4. On that note, here is a Short Film about Street Photography, Prejudice, Pre Pandemic & Post George Floyd. 
  5. An ever-evolving story that is breaking our hearts these days. #freethem
  6. This 24-minute podcast about how Economists are attempting to show the impact of the pandemic on ever-growing wealth inequality is one more reason census data is so important.
  7. One of my personal favorites, Rebecca Traister, is at it again with this take on the death of the late Champion Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  8. Just a helpful little graphic for ya:
  9. Everyone needs to vote this year. Vice news did a particularly good job of creating this guide to help you convenience, even the most apathetic of chums. 
  10. Please help us make this dream we have poured our hearts into a reality. 

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Carbon Trace can provide significant guidance in developing, funding, producing, and distributing a documentary film. For high school students wishing to learn more about documentary filmmaking, Missouri State University offers degrees in digital filmmaking, media production, journalism, and other associated areas.

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Support A New Ozarks Documentary

Support A New Ozarks Documentary

Please join us in making the new documentary,

 A Portrait of the Ozarks, a reality

A Portrait of the Ozarks is a feature-length documentary project that explores traditionalism in Ozarks life.  Using Shannon County as the focus of the project, our goal is to use the power of storytelling to explore how traditionalism is evident in the Ozarks today.  Preserved by descendants of the early settlers, but also adopted by the newer residents wishing to get back to the land, traditionalism shapes much of the culture of the rural Ozarks.

This documentary is a follow-up to the very popular two-part production released in 1981.  Led by Bob Moore (producer), Bob Flanders (MSU faculty emeritus), Lynn Morrow (Ozarks historian), this documentary, also titled A Portrait of the Ozarks, is still popular today and can be viewed online.

The funds from this campaign will join earlier donations from individuals and organizations and allow us to reach our preproduction goal of $20,000. With that support, the documentary team can move forward on this exciting new project. One of the highest priorities is to interview people involved with the original documentary.  Some voices have already been lost in the forty years since the first documentary. We cannot delay in reaching out to people who can still share their stories.

This new project is a joint venture between the Missouri State University LibrariesMissouri State University’s Department of Media, Journalism and Film, and nonprofit documentary film studio Carbon Trace Productions.

Links to video, related Facebook pages, and media coverage are available on the project website.  We hope you will visit the page on a regular basis. More content will be added as we move forward.

For more information, contact Anne Baker, head of special collections, Missouri State University.

Donations can also be made by check.  Please indicate Ozark Documentary in the check’s note field and send your contribution to:

MSU Foundation

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300 South Jefferson, Suite 100

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Thank you for your interest in A Portrait of the Ozarks!

Please contact Anne Baker with any questions: AnneBaker@missouristate.edu or 417-836-5428.

A transcript of this video is available for download here.

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Visit MSU Alumni Association for additional information on how to become engaged with the association and what events are coming to your area.

07/30/2020 — Eminence MO — Stills and video of Crystal Creek Ranch owners Bob and Bette Byrnes for “Portrait of the Ozarks.” (back to the landers in the original film) with Andy Cline and Shannon Cay.
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