Intern Spotlight: Cameron Durington

Intern Spotlight: Cameron Durington

Cameron Durington is a Junior at Missouri State University and has worked with Carbon Trace since 2019.

Originally, Cameron is from Liberty, Missouri, just outside downtown Kansas City.

He enjoys skateboarding, watching and playing ice hockey, and anything that has to deal with movies.

Whether producing, directing, filming, or simply watching, Cameron says that he enjoys it all.

“I particularly enjoy the art of documentary filmmaking because of the light it brings to the issues of our community. This company doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and I’m proud to be a part of the team!”

This is his second semester as an intern, and we hope he returns for as many semesters as possible. We appreciate the continued efforts on his part. He has worked with the crews on “All of a Sudden” and the upcoming student film “16 Weeks.” 

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Carbon Trace Productions in 2021

Carbon Trace Productions in 2021

It is so gratifying and humbling to see all these faces because I know each one has an incredible story that we helped tell.

This is our highlight reel with all of the new faces and new stories we have told, despite the many hurdles we faced.  Not only did we learn a thing or two, but we brought student filmmakers along with us. When times get tough at Carbon Trace Productions, I try to refer back to our mission.

Carbon Trace Productions promotes a deeper understanding of people and humanitarian issues while educating students in the art of documentary filmmaking.

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I promise you will feel like you are walking in someone else’s shoes, if only for a moment.