This week flew by! ( I mean, what is time anymore?)

Here is what we have been looking at from the safety of our homes. Be safe this Memorial Day.

  1. The Carbon Trace Leadership team is happy to release a preview of our upcoming feature-length film, “Witness at the Border.” 
  2. Any receipt by Salad for President wins dinner, every time.  
  3. This is a crucial tutorial for anyone interested in documentary filmmaking– The Art of B-Roll. It doesn’t matter how earth-shattering your idea is. Without the visuals to pair that idea with, you have nothing worth showing.
  4. We love graphic representations of just about anything. Citylab asked people to make maps of their time during coronavirus, and the results are as delightful as expected.
  5. Similarly, the Washington Post asked folks to review their quarantine experiences as they would a hotel. It turns out not everyone is having a five start time
  6. Steve Pokin is back from vacation, and I couldn’t be happier about it. However, hats off to Mr. Wheeler, who answered reader questions in his place last week. 
  7. Beautiful, ethically done, and informative article about where the dead are laid to rest in New York.  
  8. Finally gave Honeyland a shot. It may not have much a plotline but so beautiful you hardly notice. 
  9. We are proud to present the official trailer of “Songs from the Street!” This student-led crew has poured months of blood, sweat, and passion into this project. The final  film will be out soon. 
  10. Our Patreon page is loaded with content. We are showing lots of exclusive content for our members over the next month.



Carbon Trace can provide significant guidance in developing, funding, producing, and distributing a documentary film. For high school students wishing to learn more about documentary filmmaking, Missouri State University offers degrees in digital filmmaking, media production, journalism, and other associated areas.

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