Film Synopsis:

This is the story of the inner journey back to Vietnam for a group of Marines who fought a desperate battle on Hill 50 in 1966. For many Americans, Vietnam is a war. But by returning to that place where they fought, and some of their fellow Marines died, these men discover a vibrant place and lovely people.

The Carbon Trace Team had the privilege of accompanying the men of Lima Company to Vietnam, where they visited battle sites, met with former adversaries, and discovered a different world than the one they had known.

Current Production State:

A Vietnam Peace Story is finished (as of 2 December 2020).
We are now entering film festivals.
The team will have distribution news soon.

Watch the Teaser:



Director: Andy Cline

Executive Producers: Julie Reynolds, Gary Harlan, and Andy Cline

Producers: Shannon Cay and Shane Franklin

Director of Photography: Taye Taye

Field Producer: Ha Hoang Beavers

Camera Operators: Andy Cline, Taye Taye, and Shane Franklin

Music: Jeff Freling

Editor: Austin Wood

Sound Editor: Matt Foster

Production Assistant: Jym Wilson, Chelsea Eichholz, Jason Brasier, and Ethan Turner

Always Faithful: Returning to Vietnam is the book based upon the experiences of the Marines from Lima Company by Gary Harlan. It is available on Amazon.

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