When you donate to Carbon Trace Productions, your tax-deductible donation supports student-produced documentary films and multimedia projects.
Carbon Trace is a nonprofit documentary film studio dedicated to educating college students in the diverse skillsets required for the art of documentary film. We specialize in working with other nonprofits and NGOs to create dynamic video content spotlighting their humanitarian service.
Your donation helps us cover the typical production expenses of documentary filmmaking, including travel, equipment, and support services.* All donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use!

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Your contribution helps in two ways. First, it provides the funds necessary produce a film or multimedia project. The most typical expense on CTP projects is travel (including car rental, airline tickets, hotel, food). Other production expenses can include equipment purchases (typically media cards and hard drives for each project), web services (e.g. online storage), and professional services (typically freelance fees, e.g. post-production audio engineering). Second, your donation helps us run and maintain our non-profit organization for the benefit of students producing documentary films. CTP, through its Board of Directors, has the ultimate authority in deciding how cash donations and other contributions are used to fulfill the mission of the non-profit corporation. We are happy to share further details with any donor. Please contact us with your questions.