Carbon Trace Productions is a nonprofit documentary film studio responsible for the award-winning documentaries Zero, Witness at Tornillo, Souriyat, and Songs From the Street.

Carbon Trace is currently producing several more documentary films, such as our 2021 student film 16 Weeks – covering the effects of the pandemic on the lives of American university students – and the sequel to the awarding-winning documentary film Witness at Tornillo. The working title for this sequel is Witness at the Border and will be premiered in late 2021. Additionally, Carbon Trace Productions will be premiering “A Vietnam Peace Story” in the coming months and is in production on “All of a Sudden” and preproduction on the documentary film sequel “A Portrait of the Ozarks.”

Full Carbon Trace Documentary Filmography

You can also watch all our free films, teasers, and trailers for all our works in the playlist below. Click on the playlist icon in the upper right corner of the Youtube video below to choose which film to watch, and be sure to like and subscribe to our channel!

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