“Songs From the Street” is the Spring 2020 student film by Carbon Trace Productions.

The homeless community usually is hidden away in the cracks of Springfield, Missouri, concealed from the public eye. But the Springfield Street Choir, a choir composed entirely of the unhoused, forms a sense of community and family within the homeless population. The Choir gives them a chance not only to have their voices heard—but forces the public to acknowledge the humanity of these people they typically ignore and sometimes fear.

Songs From the Street premiered on August 27th, 2020, at the Moxie Cinema in downtown Springfield, Mo. The VIP red carpet screening for the Springfield Street Choir was hosted by Carbon Trace Productions, The Connecting Grounds, and The Moxie Cinema on Tuesday, September 1st.

There were numerous local screenings for the film from September through November, with The Connecting Grounds (TCG). These events were outdoors, socially distanced, and masked.

Following the shows, there was time for questions and answers with the Carbon Trace crew members, Street Choir leaders and members, and the TCG team. TCG Pastor Christie Love led a dialogue about ensuring the warmth and safety of our unhoused neighbors throughout the cold-weather season.

Watch the Trailer:

Following Stages for the Film:

“Songs From the Street” has been entered into over twenty film festivals across the country. The team is now waiting to hear back about official selections. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information on local screenings in the Ozarks and updates from the festival circuit.

Contact us directly if you would like to host a screening, either in person or online.

Updates with Members of the Street Choir:




Director: Mackenzie Huffman

Producer: Michael Mayrand

Director of Photography: Corey O’Connor

Production Assistant: Noah Campbell

Camera Operator/Still Photographer: Jym Wilson

Lead Editor: Ben Daniels

Assistant Editor/Camera Operator: Cody Pate

Assistant Editor: Ashton Wilson

Sound Editor: Matt Foster

Composer: Jeannie Fehr

Original Song “Let it be” by Katie Kring – the Founding Director of the Springfield Street Choir.

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