Songs From the Street

Film Synopsis:

Songs From the Street is the Spring 2020 student film by Carbon Trace Productions.

The homeless community is normally hidden away in the cracks of Springfield, Missouri, concealed from the public eye. But the Springfield Street Choir, a choir composed of all homeless individuals, forms a sense of community and family within the homeless population. The Choir gives them a chance not only to have their voices heard—but forces the public to acknowledge the humanity of the people they typically ignore and fear.

Songs From the Street is wrapping up post-production now. We expect to premiere the film in July, 2020. Check out the official trailer below.

If you feel like helping with this project, the crew is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign to help them cover costs of entering film festivals and holding screenings. There are plenty of perks to be had on their Indiegogo too!


Watch the Trailer:


Producer: Michael Mayrand

Director: Mackenzie Huffman

Director of Photography: Corey O’Connor

Production Assistant: Noah Campbell

Camera Operator/Still Photographer: Jym Wilson

Lead Editor: Ben Daniels

Assistant Editor/Camera Operator: Cody Pate

Assistant Editor: Ashton Wilson

Sound Editor: Matt Foster

Composer: Jeannie Fehr


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