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Director: Dr. Andrew R. Cline

Writer: Dr. Andrew R. Cline

Executive Producer: Dr. Andrew R. Cline

Producers: Shannon Cay and Chelsea Eichholz

Associate Producers: Erin Rains and Shane D. Franklin

Director of Photography: Tyler Beck

Editor: Tyler Beck

Motion Graphics: Taye Taye



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Check out our Patreon memberships. At the $5 per month level of support, you get free VIP codes for all Carbon Trace pay-per-view movies, including the right to download a copy to keep! It’s a great way to watch our documentary films while supporting our nonprofit mission of documentary education and humanitarian service. Carbon Trace can provide significant guidance in developing, funding, producing, and distributing a documentary film.
For high school students wishing to learn more about documentary filmmaking, Missouri State University offers degrees in digital filmmaking, media production, journalism, and other associated areas. To take part in the documentary education provided through the Carbon Trace Team, we encourage you to apply for a filmmaking internship, submit a documentary idea, or apply to become a volunteer using the forms below.