All of a Sudden

All of a Sudden is the story of “housing first” from the perspective of the formerly homeless. What is the truth — told in personal stories — of the idea that you can’t fix the problem of homelessness until you get a roof over someone’s head? Eden Village has been particularly effective in getting roofs over heads — so much so that it’s now getting national attention. But what, exactly, in human terms, is that success based on? All of a Sudden will explore the lives of the residents who made the often-difficult transition from street to home, share how they became homeless, and come to some understanding of what having a home now means to them.

All of a Sudden will be in production through the end of 2020, with a potential premiere in Spring of 2021.


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Producers: Chris Gawat, Shannon Cay

Senior Producer: Shane Franklin

Director: Andy Cline

Field Audio: Corey O’Connor