At Carbon Trace Productions, many of our documentary films feature humanitarian service organizations or individuals working to make the world a better place. Humanitarian service is half our dual nonprofit mission, and we take pride in focusing on stories like these:

  • Witness at Tornillo: The story of one man standing up for justice and starting a movement to free asylum-seeking children from U.S. internment camps.
  • Souriyat: The story of a rehabilitation facility serving men and boys wounded in the Syrian conflict.
  • Every Child: The story of how poverty affects the life of a Springfield, Mo. family–especially the impacts of youth poverty on education.
  • Songs From the Street: A story of homeless people finding visibility and community through the choir.
  • Syrian Doctor (working title): In post-production now. A story of the mental health crisis in Syrian refugee children.
  • A Vietnam Peace Story: A story of U.S. veterans returning to Vietnam to work through their long-held traumas.
  • Witness at the Border:  A story of the Central Americans forced to wait for asylum in a borderlands refugee camp because of cruel immigration policy.
  • All of a Sudden: In production now. A story of the “housing-first” model and its effectiveness at solving chronic homelessness.

Watch our additional humanitarian service content here:


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You can hire Carbon Trace Productions to create videos for your non-profit needs. We make videos that tell stories in the documentary style. These can be useful for:

  • Raising funds
  • Promoting programs
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Documenting successes

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