Regenerative Agriculture from Carbon Trace Productions on Vimeo.

Video Transcript: 

“Our current farming systems have left ⅓ of the world’s topsoil degraded. 100 million tons of soil are lost to erosion every year, alone.

BUT, there is another way to farm!

This way not only prevents further loss but even reverses it. Regenerative agriculture is a method of farming that focuses on beefing up and enriching the soil as the base of a complete ecological system.

This leads to more biodiverse systems, and more carbon sequestering. Regenerative Agriculture incorporates animals and people in a collected, holistic approach that benefits all parties involved.

This is the only way we’re going to be able to feed our neighborhoods in a way that protects the land and our community, and that’s why I’m proud to be building here at Springfield Community Gardens.”

We are happy to present the first of several videos we are doing for the Springfield Community Gardens this year. Not only do we love its mission and greens, we have a history of partnership that we hope does nothing but grow.

“Springfield Community Gardens works with a network of volunteer community gardens to grow healthy food, build relationships, and generate social capital with each new garden.

We connect neighborhood leaders with available land—acquired through public and private channels. SCG also offers guidance and financial support to create a city-wide infrastructure for the quickly growing garden movement.

Working together, hand in soiled hand, Springfield residents of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds can establish a more connected and aware community that empowers one another toward a common goal.

Because SCG nurtures a sense of place, the movement retains community volunteers and attracts new members who want to become part of such a welcoming environment that encourages growing nutritious food.”

Here are some of the other videos we have done for The Springfield Community Gardens:




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