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Meeting new people has become such a rare occasion that I find myself mumbling when I come across a new human. Again, I am an awkward child, talking about the latest puzzle I have conquered or explained a funny TikTok video so poorly that it’s not even funny in my head anymore.

However, I will persist. I know that deep personal connections and small, seemingly inconsequential actions add up over time. Displaying personal relationships and data to communicate a particular message in a film connects strangers to a common cause.

That is why this awkward child will continue to beat the Carbon Trace Productions’ drum.

16 Weeks |Teaser| from Carbon Trace Productions on Vimeo.

The wait is over! The teaser for “16 Weeks” is finally here. Please take a look and share it with your friends.

Director: Greta Cross
Producer: Diana Dudenhoeffer

We will be in Shannon County in March. We are hosting a special pop-up interview session on Sunday, March 14th, at J&B’s Olde Tyme Family Restaurant in Eminence. Besides that, we will be filming a family of interest, visiting the “Gore Cabin,” and meeting with some loggers from the area.
Ask me how you can help!

We are back to regularly filming at Eden Village. We were recently able to follow a man who will hopefully become a resident at Eden Village Two soon. We saw firsthand how he lives his life on the street and were able to speak with him about his excitement about having his bed for the first time in a decade. This project proves each person has their own story to tell and deserves respect and kindness.

Welcome, Keely Flanigan, this semester’s production intern!
Keely Flanagan is a freshman at Missouri State University and is majoring in Digital Film and Television Production. She says she is looking forward to telling the stories Carbon Trace is working on and hopefully telling her own stories in the future.

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