The spring semester has come to a close, and we couldn’t be more impressed with our three talented interns. The CTP team thanks them for their hard work. We will be showcasing their mini-docs on Springfield nonprofits on our YouTube page over the summer. 

As the only nonprofit documentary film company in the tri-state area, we take pride in the educational pillar of our mission at Carbon Trace Productions. The only way we can continue the fantastic work we have been able to do so far is because people like you support us. 

Shannon Cay

Executive Director 

We released last year’s feature film, “Witness at Tornillo,” for free viewing this month.

One man from Brooklyn sits alone in the West Texas desert, feeling morally compelled to witness the horrors of family separation and child detention on the southern border. Witness at Tornillo” follows 66-year-old Josh Rubin, an activist who has become a fixture of the #FamiliesBelongTogether protests. He helped draw national attention to the Tornillo internment camp for children, moving on from thereafter it closed to a similar detention facility in Homestead, Florida. Rubin says witnessing – the “subversive act of seeing” – is a key form of protest. “Witness at Tornillo” is the story of individual action against injustice by encouraging those involved in running the detention facilities to examine their own actions and ethics.

We made it to our first 200 followers!

To celebrate, we released our award-winning film “Witness at Tornillo,” free for all to view and share. We appreciate the support we have always had from the “Witness” community and want to give a special thank you to @Cat Yuracka for her excitement about our youtube page. We will have plenty of programming over the summer, so if you have not subscribed, be sure to do it today.

With three more interns geared to start their filmmaking careers with the Carbon Trace team over the summer, we are excited to announce an upcoming web series. The Professional Staff at CTP, the new student filmmakers, and a fantastic volunteer team will ingrain themselves into the Eden Village communities. Eden Village is a permanent supportive housing community for the chronically homeless. The team hopes to catch the more intimate moments, showing our viewers the victories and struggles of this unique group.

Editors for this Vlog-style feature film are working away to get this project polished up over the summer for a release date of fall 2021. Thanks to friends, family, and followers of the “16 Weeks” crew, they were able to raise $2,640 between the Carbon Trace Website and their Indigogo campaign. This money ensures that the student team can enter many film festivals and have a travel budget to attend at least one out-of-town event. It also will help with any promotional material the team may want to distribute the film down the road.

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