Meet The Team


Executive Director, Shannon Cay

Creative Director, Shane Franklin


Board of Directors:

President, Andrew R. Cline, Ph.D.

Vice President, Jym Wilson

Secretary, Chelsea Eichholz

Treasurer, Debbie Rollinson

Member, Leslie E. Seawright, Ph.D.

Member, Tyler Beck

Note: The Board of Directors is currently seeking community members interested in helping us fulfill our educational and humanitarian mission.


Creative Board:

Chairman, Shane Franklin

Member, Shannon Cay

Member, Taye Taye


Advisory Board:

Mike Stevens

Joy Millana

Bill Griffiths

Note: The Advisory Board includes members of the community who have agreed to act as resources for Carbon Trace Productions regarding their individual expertise. Membership on this board does not imply agreement with Carbon Trace policies, editorial judgement, or any messages intended (or not) by our film productions.


Carbon Trace Productions Professional Staff & Professional Volunteers:

Andy Cline: Executive Producer | Chelsea Eichholz: Producer | Shannon Cay: Executive Director of Carbon Trace Productions | Shane Franklin: Senior Producer | Tyler Beck: Associate Producer  | Taye Taye: Chief Cinematographer and Motion Graphics Artist | Jym Wilson: Cinematographer | Ethan Turner, Cinematographer | Corey O’Connor, Field Audio Specialist | Matt Foster, Audio Engineer