Here are the Sunday things for this week:
a collection of internet items the team has curated for your enjoyment.

#MaskUp417 from Carbon Trace Productions on Vimeo.

  1. We entered into a contest and lost. Yes, I am bitter about it, but the video remains very cool. Help me by watching and sharing.
  2. Shout out to MSU’s paper The Standard for this insightful article about a local bar that I hope stays around forever and ever. LONG LIVE THE OUTLAND
  3. The only way we will ever create policies that work is if we listen to the people on the ground and reflect that to the data we can gather. Here is a great article from PolicyLink about Race, Risk, and Workforce Equity.
  4. On the bright side of the pandemic, author and cartoonist Galadriel Watson has this to say about online opportunities.
  5. In lieu of having a conversation in person, I now read conversations between authors I adore.
  6. Did she read my diary or my Tumblr? An entry from an online horse girl
  7. This week’s Documentary recommendation “The Birders” comes from our very own Jym Wilson who says “Not only is it about birds, birding and birders, NYC and specifically Central Park, but it’s about seeing and listening. Two things everyone should try to do more of.”
  8. CBS Sunday Morning has been a weekly part of my life since I can remember. This week’s story about one Washington City printing their own money leaves me wondering about the other unseen possibilities for our future.
  9. We met Alessandra Monsolfi when we went to Texas for “Witness at the Border” in January. We saw some of her amazing signs first hand but had no idea about her vast talent until now.
  10. The “Songs from the Street” student crew are officially in picture lock for the film, and they surpassed their fundraising goal! We are all grateful for the donations to make this film possible. We look forward to its premiere. More on that soon!


That is it for the internet this Sunday. Thanks for reading!
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